You Are A Commercial Real Estate Broker. You Are One Of A Kind. Stay That Way.

You Are A Commercial Real Estate Broker. You Are One Of A Kind. Stay That Way.

Always taking the responsibility and the hits. Always doing the right thing. Always standing up front for commercial real estate.

Everybody want needs and gets a piece of you coming in and going out.

You are the one that creates the transaction that makes everyone else around you make money.

You are the one that makes the decisions that affect everyone in business and at home. Period!

You are the one now parenting your parents.

You are supporting them both.Yes people did have two actual parents back in the day and yours were AWESOME!

Your kids. Yes they have great educations and decent jobs but they still come to you for …..yea money.

You hear talk of retirement from some of your peers. Your little secret is that you will never retire. You have too many connections. You love doing deals and hey yes you have money in the bank and then some but why not keep the train rolling.

Your the one that picked out the puppy for your wife’s birthday. You fed it walked it let it out at all times day and night. You watched it grow up with your kids and you are the one who took it to to the vet to be put down because it was the humane thing to do.

You still listen to the Stones Allman Brothers Springsteen Pink Floyd Bob Dylan Led Zeppelin The Clash Ramones and Rush. What the kids don’t realize is that to your ear nothing that has come out since is worth a shit.

Think back to the 70’s- 80’s……yes it does make you smile just a little bit doesn’t it You dawg!

You remember when cars had carburetors and you knew how to fix them yourself. Sadly your current “import” is ten times better than anything you ever owned and is most likely made in america.

You are watching a little golf on TV and the Viagra, laxative, Grecian formula,Flomax commercials are relentless. Your attitude is Fuck Off! Never used them and never will.

Did Rolling Rock really taste that good or do you just remember thinking that?

Your daughter’s dating life. SIGH. Shit why did I bring that up?

You have done just about everything you have ever wanted to do. You don’t need a bucket list……but there is still a “maybe not too late list.”

When you hear the term “Medical Marijuana” do you giggle?

Remember going to the monthly Commercial Networking meetings. Your goal was to collect as many flyers from everyone that you could take them back to the office and photocopy them so they could be put into the  “Listing Binder.”

You were one of the last humans on earth to get a cell phone…and still made a tons of deals without it.

You were one of the last humans on earth to get a PC for your office. Why just sit in front of a screen all day when you could be out meeting face to face with people and doing deals.You think the same thing today and guess what? It Still Works!

When you sit in on the company marketing meetings all they talk about is digital this and digital that. The big discussion is how much should the company pay for an email contact/marketing blast program. This is the point where you rub your temple and eyes and smile. Remember to call your top ten clients and tell them you are sorry ahead of time and tell them how to quickly opt out of the spammy “marketing program.”

Property tours online. Weeeee big deal. There is not a building in your market you haven’t been in 50 times. If someone wants to look at the pictures fine. If they want to really know how that building breathes moves and lives. They call you.

Negotiation. The kids want tips and tricks. Tell them to follow you around for the next ten years and maybe they will get lucky and be 1/10th as good as you. It’s not cockiness if it’s the TRUTH.

You hear talk about the dramatic shift in the workforce coming in the next ten years…and don’t even blink. You are now and will be THE workforce.

You also hear about how the workplace environment will be open and collaborative. Your response “who gives a shit?” You have a car laptop phone and balls. That’s all you ever needed so why should that change?

Oh you and I know that there are thousands more but hey……….

Your a commercial real estate broker. You are one of a kind. Stay the way.

Hey,Bartender! Whiskey Neat!


Photo Credit:

Duke Long