You Are 50+ Commercial Real Estate Broker. This Is For Your Eyes Only.

You Are 50+ Commercial Real Estate Broker. This Is For Your Eyes Only.

I said “50+ eyes only” not just anybody.

If you are under 50+ why waste the time?

Anybody over 50+ is DONE GONE WASTED and IRRELEVANT! Click Off!

If you are 50+ and still have a little sting left in your step let’s sit and talk for a minute.

You over an obivious period of time have acquired an incredible amount of skill and expertise.

For some reason……..someone….(younger)….has decided that you are becoming “invisible” in todays’ business climate.

You don’t possess the “proper useful relevent” skills needed to ” fit the culture ” of today.

“Hell it like changes so fast… like at the speed of light and like how can you like…….. you old fucker possibly like keep up?”

You and I are sitting here with a cup of coffee and or a beverage of choice.

Let’s think about those skills.

What are they?

Let’s start with…….

– Problem solving.

Seems pretty simple. Basic really. Think of a deal you “created” out of nothing. You know that some of them start with an idea that you created. You then turned that into a plan. A business plan that made a lot of people money.

– Communications.

You get asked all the time. ” Could you write something up?” “Can you help clarify?” “Would you moderate and help with the agenda?” Communication skills. Honed refined and brilliantly delivered because of…….experience.

– Selling.

Wow….yea…..SELLING……… negotiating and actually closing a real commercial real estate deal. It’s treated as some type of magical mysterious unknown secret talent. You breathe it…….in your sleep.

– Analysis.

Data + Location = Commercial Real Estate.

– Team.

Team player. Team leader. Team creator. Team goal setter. Team organiser.

– Talent.

You got the talent. You find the talent. You develop the talent. You bury the one’s without the talent.

– Risk.

HA! RISK……… Really? Risk is your everyday. It makes the air smell better. It makes you smile that inner smile.

You have pissed away more money on……….than they will ever know.

Now these kids (and we do call them kids) only really see you (if they see you at all) as a source.

A source for reference and perspective and they only really want you to help them with………….

– Succession.

You are the “old dude” so get out of the fu*king way but do it in a way that lays the foundation for the kids to slide right into the gravy that you took 30+ years to create.

– Wisdom.

Every deal every day you are the go to source for all things. I said ALL THINGS. Work life finance health wealth relationships education oh and commercial real estate….everything.

– Teaching.

The finite details. Literally the finite details……….so they don’t get caught not knowing a fuc*ing thing about what the hell they are doing. You’ve seen it a thousand times. They have only seen it 5 ….but they do know everything…..after they ask you of course.

– Mentoring.

Their muse by definition: ” a source of inspiration; especially :  a guiding genius.”

Well, of course you are…….but they don’t realise how true a statement that really is.

50+ and commercial real estate.

Nobody really talks about it.

Nobody really wants to admit it……….maybe.

Think what 50+ really means in commercial real estate.

50+ looks pretty fucking amazing to me.


Oh as a side…… many of you recognised the movie the actor and the car in the pic above………..instantly!

50+ Cheers!





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Duke Long

  • abuchanan

    I am proud to recognize the guy in the Mustang…67, I believe…and be in the 50+ group…of “vintage” brokers. Spot on my friend!

  • Hm. For some reason I think I’ll want to re-read this one exactly 9 months from today (now you know, send gifts)…. good stuff, Duke!

    • dukelong

      Old dude!

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  • Jim Resha

    as I guy that just turned 50 I truly enjoyed this post Duke. I still sometimes want to think of myself as the young snot nosed kid that started in Commercial Real Estate 32 years ago but the reality is I am way better and have much more to offer now than I did then. Thanks for the great reminder and encouragement my friend. Some day we will enjoy a cocktail together

    • dukelong

      Cheers my friend.

  • rsky1

    At your best…thought you would mention our family kids in this one, mine is just out of college yours starting to get ready for it…and they do know “everything” (that we taught them) Going to share in my Blog next Tuesday… right on.

  • Bill White

    Although I’m not quite there yet, (44) i’m looking forward to a long career in this business! I’ve been a tenant representation specialist in SoCal for 22 years and used to worry that I would get “aged out” around 50. Over the past few years I have been convinced otherwise. I do a lot of law firm work and my clients (managing partners) are consistently 50+ and oftentimes 60+! There’s a lot to be said for youth, but in our business, “Old Guys Rule!”

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  • Michael C. O’Brien, III, SIOR

    Duke, at 56, I see things changing from steel beams & tailboard positions to the NEW ECONOMY utilizing conversions to offices with T1 lines, open floor plates & coffee bars. Our prior knowledge (30+ years) is helpful however to survive, we must adapt.
    The times they are a changing!!!!

    • Michael,
      It’s what it is my friend!

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