Work, Ethics, Professionalism, and Hustle. Why Are You Hated For Just Doing Your Job?

Most of us have a general idea of what we as a society believe is a certain culture of work and professionalism. Of course, it’s taken in and observed differently depending on where you are on this planet exactly. Most of if not all of the people I work with and are around are what I would call borderline to extreme Type A people. They are flat out on their game 24/7/365 and that to me is just the norm. It’s how they are built. There are some that find it not only repulsive they have no comprehension of what real work is.

Working or The Grind.

I’m going to come at this from the point of view of a broker. It’s where I live.

At the very least a broker is someone who independently and on their own must create. Yes, create as in creating something out of almost nothing every day. Did you at anytime think of a broker as a creative person? Is that not for those “creative” types who fill the community with such warm and fuzzy things as art, music, and culture?

Brokers must find a location worth using for some specific purpose and then find someone willing to pay to do just that and sustain it over a period of years. Does that not sound creative to you? Is it just as simple as finding a square piece of dirt, putting a structure on it and collecting rent? No, it’s not.

What goes into doing what most people see as a mundane and basic task. They see buildings go up all the time and just assume it’s just a few simple meetings and someone giving someone else a bunch of money. The broker behind the deal most likely had that simple piece of dirt in his database for years possibly decades. The basic information about that specific location was determined by a defined set of standards set by national, state, municipal and local governments.

The knowledge and network to create that simple deal may have also taken that broker again years and possibly decades to nurture and optimize. The events attended, the hours and hours of conversations, the donations upon donations of money and with that the time and effort behind it all. How is it possible to even calculate what that value is?

During this process, the broker is seen and treated as what? Greedy, manipulative, uncaring, unfriendly to just about anyone and anything as long as they get what they want and get paid. In some instances, it may be justified, but in more cases than not it’s all about POWER or the perceived yielding of that POWER. That broker is using all that social and monetary power to force and define for themselves what the rest of society will do.

Ethics or The Lack Thereof.

Every profession has by their definition a standard of ethics that all who participate in must adhere to. It is usually what most associations base their existence on. Professional ethics is what we all perceive as the way we all should practice and promote our given profession. It is also the way we police all the members of that profession. Otherwise, it would be chaos. But are you so sure that would actually be the case or is it more of a way to vet out the people whom some of the chosen few decide they do not want to belong?

Ethics, or standards and practices are defined again by who? The professionals within a group more specifically and also society as a whole. But those standards and practices are subject to change because we as professionals and as a society change our views almost daily. Let me give you a few examples of just how that works in the real world today.

Leadership is for most of us the reason we work with any group of people. You have decided that the leadership of your company or organization aligns with what you define as ethical. They represent what you are in the world of business. What happens when that perception changes? You are out of there in a heartbeat. Why? Simple, that’s not how you do business and you will not be associated in any way.

Workplace culture or the climate and environment you exist in on a daily basis. Are you treated as an equal, are you given a voice, are you respected? Are you able to be yourself maybe laugh a little and show your personality? Is there a sense of working together but yet still maintaining your individual self? What happens when possibly just one of the aforementioned things go bad? You are out of there!

How about blatant Discrimination, and or Harassment? You would think in this day and age this would not be an issue, but we all know better. Some of us more than others and some of us not at all and that’s just sad to state. Has it now become just extremes that we all see or is it still yet just the same as it’s always been? How much tolerance to do you have? Should you have any tolerance at all?

Ethics defined by who and enforced by whom? What if they are not YOUR ethics or standards? What if you think your standards and ethics are beyond reproach and that’s the way it must and should be. What if you are completely wrong and don’t know it? What if your wrong and don’t care? What if you know you are never wrong?


What makes you better at what you do? How do you benchmark that? How do you define success? Is it based on education? Is it based on numbers? Is it based on years in the business? Is it all the above? For most, the answer is yes. For some, that’s the reason they can’t even begin to compete. Is that fair? Is that equal? Is that ethical? Is that professional?

You have over the period of your professional life spent most of your time awake doing what? Mastering your craft. Mastering it how? Time effort and at the very least money. You have committed yourself to be the best possible practitioner of your JOB and with that, you continue now and will continue to develop those skill sets until when? Probably forever!

That craft, profession and or job it what defines you to most of the world. You are now one of the best and will continue to be at any and all cost. There is no second best in you. It’s just who you are.

The Hustle.

The hustle culture, is it way overstated or just an easy way to dismiss real work? It’s certainly an easy target to add the latest buzzword. It’s Toxic to bust your ass every day. It’s Toxic to compare yourself to others. It’s Toxic to compete. It’s Toxic to strive for perfection. It’s Toxic to be competitive. It’s Toxic to be confident. It’s Toxic to overuse technology. It’s Toxic to not use technology. To hustle or be seen as aggressive and to be associated with anything and everything having to do with work is to be hateful, exploitive, harmful and, shameful to anything and everything on the planet.

And then there is the global business that is commercial real estate.

Unquestionably shaping our planet every second every minute and every hour of every day.


Work above and beyond.

Your ethics are which only you can be held to.

Your professionalism and commitment to your craft are without peer.

And your hustle will never be understood regardless.

Which Is Why Are You Hated For Just Doing Your Job?


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