Women Talk Real Estate. And It’s About Damn Time!

Wel, well, well, well, what do we have here?

A site specifically dedicated to the promotion, education, and further positive advancement of all the women in commercial real estate.

Hmm, what a concept. Of course, I have been “talking” (screaming) about this issue and was then compelled to write about it back in November of last year.

I’m Calling Out All The Ladies of #CRE. Why Are You So Silent and Hard To Find?

Well, and who wants to listen to the ranting #Badboy of #CRE anyway right? I did take a bit of shite for (if you used British cuss words you get less shit for it) being so vocal and from mostly ladies no less. Go figure?

It seems as if someone in the far reaches of the planet or at least the UK decided to do something about it on their own and created  www.womentalkrealesate.org.

FINALLY and it’s about damn time!

How It Works.

Be A Speaker.

Find A Speaker.

Become A Resource For All Types Of Media

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What Are You Waiting For? Connect!

Clean Simple and Brilliant.

Thank You, Ladies.

This is now my go to resource!

Women Talk Real Estate. And It’s About Damn Time!


+1 Ladies of the US, WTF!!! Really???? How many committees and coffee clatches does it take to execute?

+1+1 I guess we will never know. And don’t tell me ” but we have…” It should have been done YEARS ago!

– And what a Fucking epic golden marketing opportunity for anyone who came up with this first. Oh, wait someone did.