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Why Mobile-Friendly for Commercial Real Estate? Guest Post Dave Lewand

Google recently announced that, beginning April 21 2015, their mobile search algorithm would undergo a “dramatic” change. Mobile-Friendly website pages will be rewarded with mobile search bump-ups. Pages that are not mobile-friendly will suffer mobile search demotions.

Go ahead and test your own CRE company website pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Property Summary, Property Detail, etc.) HERE: Google Mobile-Friendly Test

What kind of effect will this have on Commercial Real Estate websites? I contend that it will be dramatic for the following reasons:

  1. Over 75% of current CRE website pages are Property Detail Pages, and less than 25% of all Property Detail Pages are mobile-friendly. (see graphic below)


  1. Mobile traffic accounts for approx. 20%-40% of CRE website traffic in 2015.
  2. Mobile traffic accounts for approx. 50%-60% of CRE website traffic during industry tradeshows such as ICSC RECon.
  3. 90% of CRE mobile users rely on Google as their preferred search engine.
  4. Over 40% of all mobile users (potential CRE clients) use social media – this audience is far more likely to land on CRE websites via their mobile device.

While it remains to be seen exactly how CRE property listings are affected, it will be interesting to see if the industry’s top CRE listing feed providers have an answer. Will they continue to define their/your listings as “Search-Engine Friendly”?

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