Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Commercial Real Estate Organization? Hint: You Have No Clue!

Look around your office.

Maybe take a walk to stretch your legs and observe, as you pass each office poke your head in and maybe throw out a couple of “hi’s” and a wave or two.

Who do you see? No really, who do you see?

Your co-workers. Everyday.

Some of them you may have hand picked yourself.

What are their ages? You know, don’t you? You are not supposed to say anything about that kind of thing, are you?

It’s not supposed to matter because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.- Source: EEOC

And between you and I, you are “down with that,” right? The more, the merrier. It’s the universe we live in after all.

Regardless of all of that, the main reason that person is your co-worker is because of what?


That’s why you are sitting where you are. That’s supposedly why they are occupying the chair they are in also.


So, what are you missing? That may depend on where you are in your organization.

If you are in upper management or the C-suite as it gets called these days it easy to assume you are male and of a certain age.

If you are not then you are of a certain age probably male and have your eyes focused as hell on that one particular spot.

There is, of course, plenty of competition for that coveted spot.

Think about all the people in your organization one more time.

Getting the picture?

So, what’s missing?

It may be YOU! But what if it’s not.

Say it out loud with me. The Boomers run the show and will continue to run the show until they decide not to.

And then there are those Millenials. It’s all you hear and read.

It seems like the entire world is reconfiguring itself to kiss up to and get in the pockets of the next “rulers of the planet.”

But what if you are of a certain age, none of which defines you as either a Boomer or Millennial?

Now, I have your fucking attention right!

Does it seem to you that not only the media and or the world, in general, is NOT paying any attention but even your organization does not recognize what they have right in front of them?

The generation that will hold the C-suite for how long in the coming future?

The little thing they rarely mention called GenX.

If they do its Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, “and GenX, of course, has the Boomers doing A before them because and then there are those awesome Millennials doing B and changing C forever.”

They have never given any credit to the generation that has done what?

Gone through more recessions than the millennials can count to without a phone app.

Understands what it means to study, figure out and how to fix a problem with Googling it.

And carried the most entitled (as in whining ass) generations in front and behind them by doing what?


Now, I really have your attention.

You are like “yeah Duke my man preach it out to the world; we are the one’s that do all the shit for everybody and get ZERO, credit.”

And maybe that is so, but I do have some news for you, nothing is going to change.

It’s always going to be about the Boomers and Millenials.

Why, because it’s about $$$$ and $$$$ means buying power.

Put those two generations together, and you get $$$$ to spend!

Put those two generations together in a workplace and what do you get?

It’s ALL about them ALL THE TIME!

So, what happens when the Boomers step away?

Who’s next?

Millennials? Uh, fuck no. Some may think that age makes no difference but who is going to get the C-suite again?

Is it some 28 or 30-year-old person that takes over that organization?

No, it’s not.

It’s that guy or gal you are paying no attention to whatsoever.

I could give a shit what the media says.

Do me a favor, take that walk around your office again, stretch your legs just a bit more. Look a little closer this time.

Did you miss it the first time? I bet you did.

You probably walked right past them, and do you know why?

You didn’t want to disturb them. They were working their ass off. Head down and “killing it.”

While your up make sure to kiss a little ass with the men in the C-suite and also make sure to drop by and discuss all those IPA beers and how they have changed the world with the people with bad beards tight pants and cute little doggies as accessories “crushing it.”

If you didn’t have time to get up and walk around maybe you know something that I already know.

Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Commercial Real Estate Organization? It might just be you!

If not then let me help you with a hint: You Have No Clue!


+1 Can you name more than three brands of brown liquor outside the US without using Google?

+1+1 If so that is but just one of the thousands of skills you have just sitting there being you.


Something to help educate your palate. Cheers my friend!