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Who Get’s Click Love and What Search Terms People Use To Find Me?

Here is a little insight into what search terms people use to find my blog and once they get there the links they click on.

I am not really trying to analyze this too much for the very reason I don’t pay that much attention to the amount of hits or page views I get on a daily weekly monthly or whatever basis.

Here, I will help give you an idea. Pick a number between one and a million. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself…go for it. BTW the lists are copied and pasted directly from my blog.

I do think that it’s important that most of the clicks go to actual people, their LinkedIN profile or blogs that people work hard on.

Yes it’s oblivious that I get a lot of hits. It is my blog with my name in the title after all. I think that’s called personal branding.


Google, Ask, Bing,Yahoo,YouTube.

My name, blogs, apps,blogs, commercial real estate,apps,my name ,blogs,commercial real estate etc.etc.

You would think that something else would creep in.

I do not by any means play the keyword terms in the title game. Who has time for that anyway?

Search Terms:

1.duke long

2.commercial real estate blogs

3.commercial real estate blog

4.commercial real estate apps

5.dukelong commercial real estate blogs

8.commercial real estate app commercial real estate apps commercial real estate blogs

11.commercial real estate crm

12.duke long commercial real estate 77 commercial real estate blogs you

14.dukelong linkedin

15.duke long blog

16.duke long agency ipad apps for commercial real estate

18.apps for commercial real estate real estate people to follow on twitter

20.commercial real estate mobile apps

Well there they are in all the plain text glory.

Not sure what help this will be to anyone but for some reason it seemed like interesting stuff to me.

Thoughts Comments Rants or Blatant Ass Kissing are always Welcome.


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