Where Is The “New Media?” Is This a Rant?

Where Is The “New Media?” Is This a Rant?

So much talk and so much chatter.The new media model. The new digital media. Digital Journalism. It is THE thing…right?

Digital is video text mobile images and interaction online.

The media thinks it’s still print. Oh yea and they are still shocked that their once cushy job doesn’t exist. Hell the paper doesn’t exists!

The media that exists today is becoming more and more irrelevant. Same old shit with the same old shit.

What is the new media? Hell if I know. I think it’s a media story made up so they can charge more for the same story online.

How many times do you or someone you know get on Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter is that or is that not “media?”

How many “cutting edge” videos are there of white guys talking about markets and numbers. Hell that’s all there is!

All stats driven. How many fucking stats do we need? They contradict every other stat story out there. Does it create the true story? NO. It’s just more bullshit stats. Challenge: Do ten stories without one stat. Try it. Fucking pretty hard isn’t it!

The big bad developer is still the villian in most all cases…even though they don’t exist. There always has to be a bad guy if not then how can journalist be so so so good?

Factual Factual Factual how many times do I have to hear that that is the only thing that separates a true journalist from what? The rest of the real world or wait…reality.

They still want to stick it to “the man” and be seen as the champion of the little (reader) guy.

They think that newspapers shall live forever as “The True Voice of Journalism.” (echo echo echo echo)

So many parallels with most all industries….Aging boomers hanging and hanging and hanging and hanging on and on and on. How many balding fucking white guys are there on this planet?

Is it just pure localism that only keeps our attention.

The young generation as in 30 and under get it. They see the change and feel it everyday. Their bosses or peers give it lip service and do nothing. The young generation rolls their eyes 9 out of 10 times at every attempt their peers try to “get it”.

The young genreration struggles to communicate with all parts of the real estate sector because they have not been taught how. They have been connected since birth. They way they have to “report” is still 1978.

All I hear is that video video video is the next thing. So the medias answer is to put reporters on video to read the copy that they will publish in print. WTF? I don’t get it.

They have no real practical knowledge of how a deal works and are damn proud of that fact.

Journalist ask questions to get the who what how and whys….for a piece of flesh.

It’s about news and filling the “space.”

Personalities are sterotypes put into finite little bytes so that they fit the “template.”

I mentioned to a journalist type that I was a Broker. The response to that was “what do you want to be when you grow up?” My response “even fucking richer!”

I am a part of the “new media” or am I not. According to the aging boomer NOT. That’s called denial. Use your No.2 pencil and put I Am An Old Useless Idiot on your paper note pad.

Quick note. They have invented these things called computers and believe it or not you can carry them around with you. Really look in the newspaper I’m sure there is a picture of one in there somewhere.

Just who in the fuck do I think I am ranting about the media.

I get thousands and thousands of eyeballs to my site every month. I get feed back and questions that no journalists would ever get. I feel the street and the pulse of commercial real estate in my blood. I am not in it for a “job” or … story. I’m in it for……life.

Where is the New Media? I think they may exist but are afraid to piss off their boomer bosses and truly change the world. It’s a shame. Same old shit just coming from a different generation. SAD!

Hey Tony,so am I still invited to Atlanta?

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Duke Long


  • You’ve been watching HBO, haven’t you?

    Print will die along with the boomers who read the rags.

    TV is next as less and less pay attention to the media – and their own stats (ratings) prove it.

    For now, that only leave the internet Duke, and indeed you are master of your domain. However, with that domain spread so far and wide and so thin and lean, you pretty much only get to rule over —- me :).