Where Are All The LoopNet Killers? And Why Waste Your Time.

Where Are All The LoopNet Killers? And Why Waste Your Time.

I get pitched and pitched a bunch. I see everything. Any and all the #CRE/RETech that you could imagine.

But without fail, at least once a week I get pitched “The Next LoopNet Killer.”

I listen, I opine, I suggest, I try and help. It’s part of what I do.

Time and time again I hear…..

“We are better than because…”

“We have a better UX it’s more intuitive.”

“We have the brokers on our side.”

“We have a different pricing model.”

“There needs to be more competition.”

Fair points don’t you think?

Let me throw a little “____” your way.

They are bringing in an estimated $300 million + in revenue a year. Source- CREoutsider

Give them credit they are the only ones chasing the broker dollars and getting it.

That seems like a pretty big number and worth going after right?

Then why is there no serious money chasing it? VC, Institutional or otherwise?

Because it’s not worth it.

Not worth the time effort or money of some incredibly smart people.

What are they focusing on and paying attention too?

How about…












How much money has been put into the companies above?

Are they chasing LoopNet?

Hell NO!

So why are you?

Wait a minute. It’s YOUR idea. You have figured out a better way.

The hell you have.

It was their idea to start with…a thousand tech years ago. (Props to you Dennis)

Side rant: I had a whole section on what you could should and may be able to do to compete with or try and take LoopNet down. I’m deleting it right now. Why keep the pathetic flagellation (look it up) going?

Leave LoopNet alone.

Let the market bury them.

Let them bury themselves.

Focus on more important products, tools, business models, and ideas.

Let the people who spend their money on a certain service keep spending.

It has to last forever. Everything does especially in this day and age.

Look again at the list of companies above.

Incredibly smart people couldn’t get their checkbooks out fast enough to fund those ideas.

And not one of them is remotely close to what LoopNet is or does.

That should give you hope and solace.

So why do I still have to ask…..

Where Are All The LoopNet Killers? And Why Waste Your Time.


+1 #CREWriter top tip. Put LoopNet in a title and get mega hits just because.

+1+1 Seven out of the top ten most funded RE/CRE startups are where? China!





Duke Long