What’s Hot/What’s Not: #CRE And #Tech. The Duke Provides!

I get asked constantly about “what’s hot, what should we be looking at, what are the companies or trends we should pay attention to?”

And for the most part, I am more than willing to oblige, except more recently I have held back about the companies I am watching. Why? I don’t know, just because.

But having said that there are more general topics of all things #CRE and #TECH that you and I should be paying attention to and because it’s YOU and, I am more than willing to share. It’s all about “The Tribe.” And of course, I will always have “The Tribes” back!

Let’s get started…

-Buildings have always but now more than ever will compete more against each other. What are the differentiating factors? Location, amenities, and then what? Is that it? How about the entire “experience.” And what is that experience? What does it include? It has been said that we are all now in the hospitality business. How many positive and negative experiences have we all had with hospitality? Is it that easy or will it be that hard? How much money will be spent getting there? Whatever it takes. And I didn’t even mention data.

-Amenities will hit a clear saturation point, then what? It’s about the quality of the building and experience. Ponder this, what if the amenities of a building and the space they occupy have more value than the space being leased for work? Yes, and that’s happening already in some locations. Talk about a market advantage, not to mention the value creation and revenue.

-BTW this is a new and tech edgy prediction…. location, location, location. It’s hard to screw that one up. What if you bought that one prime property you drive or walk by every day 20 years ago. What would your balance sheet look like today? Yea, just look twenty years ahead and buy it NOW instead! Or is your sightline only three or four years out? If that’s true what in the hell are you doing in commercial real estate? If you are a tech person, why do you think it’s so hard to sell into this business. It’s hard to screw up a twenty-year plan and that’s how we think.

-Someone somewhere said that on this planet we will build the equivalent square footage of one New York City a month for the next 40 years, which just blows my mind. Hey, maybe get your kids and or grandkids into construction, oh and maybe buy your grandkids some real estate to hold onto. Everything old is new again. Build a legacy not a shrine to your personal ego!

-Co-working will continue to grow and become the norm. What percentage of the market will it be? My prediction in five years it will be 18-20 % of the entire market. Sound crazy? There are those that say co-working will be 30% of the market by 2030. That’s only ten years away. That’s not that long. So what does that mean? The building is just what’s it always been, space and, that space now has MORE value to more people. Does that mean it has a higher value because of that? I don’t think so. Why you ask. As I mentioned above, competition, and the marketplace we will all live in. 

– Conference saturation is way beyond. It’s the same as and then the same as. It’s an echo chamber of white dudes talking the same shit to white dudes and yes, I am right in the middle of it. The fact that I am at the very least self-aware of it does not exempt me from perpetuating the same. It’s my fault and I’m not sure what to do about it other than just fade away. But you and I both know that never going to fucking happen. Why bring this up? There is so much value to the human interaction and connection that takes place at the events that I am willing to endure the white boy circle jerk to get something real and tangible done. 

-The best tech is tied to a physical asset. Anything to do with a building works. Period. If you can use tech improve or reposition a physical asset. You are fucking GOLD! Think I-Buyer, Think Retrofit. If you can get “finance people” to see your tech as improving an asset and tie the finance to it they will back your ass forever!

-Selling or trying to sell to brokers is a fucking waste of time. Once they all decide how much value they have in the marketplace beyond deal making you are fucked. Figure out a better way to make money. Use the brokers as a pipeline and or don’t waste their time. They don’t have any problems and you sure as hell aren’t smart enough to create one for them and then get them to pay you to solve it. How many fucking times do I have to write this!!!!!!! Wake The Fuck UP! Also on a sad note, brokers have not figured this out yet either. #Unreal

-The construction industry in general and the tech around it will literally and figurately change the world. It needs to, It has to and it will. How much money will be made just from that? Basically the foundation of the entire world’s economy, that’s how much. If you’re not smart enough to figure that out, then click off and quit wasting mine and your time.

-Also, as a little extra special added bonus, what one company should you absolutely pay attention to now? I said I was not doing that anymore so quit asking!

-All or at least part of the above is worth about $100 million dollars to someone at the very least and yet I give it all to you for free.

As we sit here today that’s What’s Hot/What’s Not: #CRE and #Tech. 

You’re Welcome

The Duke Provides!


+1 I could have written this ten years ago and it would have been just as relevant as it is today. What’s that tell you?

+1+1 You, we, us, them have not progressed at all other than what? We did nothing and equity increased and therefore we all look like geniuses, again, that’s the problem.




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