What your online commercial real estate brand should be.

There are tons of branding, blogging, social media, public relations, and web presence sites on line that are full of general advice on “creating your digital brand.” You can pick thru the sites and save some of the tips. You may also even use some of them to help build your online presence.  So, what should your online Commercial Real Estate brand be?

  1. Be relevant: As in matter to your community.  I know this sounds simple and basic but, take a look at your self online.  Do you have any connection to your local market?  Are you telling the real story, not some PR BS?  Better yet, are you talking to the market at all?
  2. Reduce the barriers: How are you interacting?  Are you creating conversations and dialogue?  Are you a real person?  Can you communicate beyond the deal?  Authenticity is not a cuss word.
  3. Share liberally: You have an incredible base of real estate knowledge. Give it away.  Help your client base and help your non client base.  People will notice.
  4. Paint the future: Today’s reality is fine. What is the Commercial Real Estate future going to look like?  Give your point of view.  Are you still hoping the market will go back to the good old days?  Create the future.
  5. Provide latitude: Open your mind a little bit.  Not everyone thinks Commercial Real Estate is so great.  Get different points of view.  Let your clients see that.
  6. Solicit insatiability: Passion, do you really love Commercial Real Estate?  Let the world know why you are in this business.  They will respond to that passion.
  7. Offer connection: Is it just a gleaming shot of a sky scraper and two guys shaking hands next to your logo?  Is there a Contact Me form that goes to info dot somebody?  Is that the only way to connect to your Commercial Real Estate brand?

Relevance, authenticity, sharing, connection, creativity. Does this sound like your Commercial Real Estate brand?  The market and the clients in commercial real estate think it should.  How about YOU?

Photo via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mediaquell/

Duke Long