What? Yes, I’m Relocating to New York.

What? Yes, I’m Relocating to New York.

You may ask why would I leave the middle of this great country and go to New York City?

It’s the center of the #CRETech world, and I need to be there that’s why.

How can I be the Godfather and not be in New York?

Besides, imagine all the pizza places that will hit record sales just by my mere presence in the city.

I do have a more serious agenda.

The word ecosystem keeps popping up here and there on my site and in many conversations I have.

I need to drive that ecosystem, and you can’t do that from afar.

The ecosystem is becoming more and more robust, but it does have some gaps.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and that creates opportunity.

It creates an opportunity for me and us all.

New York throws out Silicon Alley in as many media outlets as possible.

Within Silicon Alley, there is the hub of #CRETech.

I already know most of the major players within that hub.

But…..I need to build a stronger database of players.

There are some well known venture capital firms that have invested in #CRETech but who are the up and coming players.

I have met with a few individual Angel investors, and there are also Angel Groups forming specifically to look at RE/Tech.

There are also what I call Capital Connectors. They are similar to Angel Groups, but they just link up investors with startups and don’t usually make investments themselves.

There are also some pretty seriously funded Series A and B companies in and around #CRETech. Have I met them all?

What about the pool of talent that is the Silicon Alley scene? They come from all over the world.

I need to dig into the Startup hubs and Co-working spaces to see what’s working and what’s not.

There are a couple of CRE/RE startup incubators which I am a mentor for. What are the other possibilities? Looking at you #Fintech.

How about the media machine behind the startup scene. It’s growing and getting, even more, RE/CRE Tech specific. Can’t just be me or can it?

There are numbers thrown around about how much New York is of the total commercial real estate market in the Unites States.

Not sure what that number is but is has to be a HUGE number and that means a lot of owners tenants brokers and everything around it. Serious Intel for present and future startups.

Could there be a bit of (FOMO) Fear of Missing Out happening?

Well if it is it won’t be happening much longer because guess……..

What? Yes, I’m Relocating to New York.



+1 I might leave Manhattan and see this place they call Brooklyn. (Sup Tony)



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