What To Watch. It’s CRE TV?

What To Watch. It’s CRE TV?

CRE TV? Now who would watch that? Truth be known I have never really thought about it that much until a chance encounter in New York.

It went something like this.

“So, I have seen some of your videos on YouTube.”

“Really, what did you think?”

“It’s a start but I think the ideas and content could have more depth and tell a more compelling story.”

“I completely agree but it’s a lot harder to do than it looks and you also need time and money.”

“Have you ever thought about writing sample episodes with a story board and dialogue?”

“Believe it or not I already have several but they are just drafts and not very polished.”

“Can I take a look at them?”

“Not really”

“Why are you afraid I might steal the ideas.?”

“No, I just don’t send stuff off and hope something compelling happens.”

“Fair enough. Why don’t we exchange emails and have a follow up phone call.”

“The point of this would be?”

“I want to discuss some of the ideas and see what we may be able to develop.”

“Seriously, I have been pitched a lot of bullshit in my day and what makes me think this is any different.”

“Nothing off the top of my head. Let’s explore and see what happens. Maybe there is something and maybe not.”

“Ok, sure when I get back send me an invite and we will set a time and talk.”

I’m going to be a star!

So I’m going to be a TV Star/Writer/Producer/Director. Well, probably NOT!

First of all think of all the crap that’s on TV now. What do I not want to see?

Let’s start with anything with NJ,Vanilla,Ice,Swamp,Wives,Mob,Cupcakes or Million Dollar in the title.

How about anything with stats or talking white guys in suits that drone on and on about……. “anything.”

You get the idea.

What I would watch.

Ok so how interesting or compelling can commercial real estate be? Let’s think a little bit. Here are my ideas.

Commercial real estate office space. Show 3 tenants and how they search tour and and get deals done. Show the reality of what it really is in Atlanta,Chicago,Boston, Austin etc.

Show 3 retail brands and how they are expanding or 3 brands and how they are failing.

Secondary markets. I know the glamour spots of LA and New York are compelling but how about the rest of the planet.

Rehab of a failing retailer. Show the complete transformation and see what really happens 3- 6 months later.

Showcase 5 top retailers in top malls and let them explain how and why they are thriving. Think Hot Topics.

Pop ups and mobile retail. How they are affecting the market? Will they last and why should we even care?

International retail and how 3 people within the shops work and what they do to keep the store alive.

People moving to different countries and opening retail business. How they thrive and or why they may fail.

Office Porn. A Natural.

Go to 3 small town retailers and show there success and failures competing in the global market.

Wal-Mart Target and JC Penny vs. Amazon E-bay and Zappos.

How to??? Get a great deal for office retail warehouse space. 3 real world examples and yes even show the brokers.

How interesting is Commercial Real Estate?

Would you watch a sports program where all they do is talk about sports on the radio? (Mike and Mike on ESPN)

How about a show with cars and 3 bumbling English guys? (Top Gear)

Maybe a guy travels the world gets drunk and eats food. (Anthony Bourdain No Reservations)

They don’t sound that interesting until you get the context. By the way I rarely miss a show and watch the reruns over and over.

Would You Watch?

The bigger question is what do you find compelling.

Is commercial real estate a compelling topic?

Would You Watch CRE TV?



Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianxharris/

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