What The Building Of The Future Means To You Now!

What the building of the future means to you now.

The building of the future is already here. Many structures are smart networked green and sustainable.

What does a smart building do?

Creates a environment of safety and security.

Takes into consideration the health and well being of users.

Allows flexibility of space that changes and adapts for the users.

Monitors the flow of people and manage via mobile device for security and efficiency.

Simple Systems.

All systems monitored in real time.

All systems networked with other buildings to create a building cluster with an IT backbone.

All system integration provides a sustainable building model.

Integrated systems make the building become a living organism.

Future Is Now! 


And This Means What……

1. Data…. real time data…. nano second data.

2. User/Tenant information about actual use and needs.

3. Value creation for the owners.

4. That BIM thing.

5. He who owns the real data owns the market.

6. The data can and will become it’s own market.

7. Aggregators of data …Good Bye!

8. The data markets itself…..Good Bye marketing platforms.

9. Brokers of space or data……..I’m picking DATA!

10. Your Future Your Thoughts!


Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/44742231@N03/


Duke Long