What Makes The Future Of #CRE So Special? Nothing, Nothing At All.

” The city beautiful.”

It’s a phrase used to describe the amazing city of Chicago.

I recently took a quick trip for busyness and was invited to a unique co working/manufacturing/lab space.

I won’t go into too much detail but the tools and 3D printers alone were enough to make me get all creative and nerdy.

Anything and everything was software and technology driven.

But during the small impromptu tour, we all stood there and had some sort of collective consensus.

As much as the technology dominated everything in front of us the one thing the tech and tools need to function was CREATIVITY.

It’s too obvious that without the ideas and execution all the hardware and software in the world mean nothing.

Wait A Minute.

I could be wrong. Wait, I am never wrong.

How about that AI thing we all keep hearing about?

When is a computer supposed to be able to think beyond the capacity of a human brain again?

Less than a decade from now? I think that’s what I read or heard somewhere.

What if a software program has better more efficient and cost effective ideas?

Wait a minute again. It’s not if, it’s a matter of when.

Did I say that may happen in less than a decade from now?

How old are you? Add ten years. Hmmm.

What do you do now?

What is your function in commercial real estate?

Property manager, developer, broker, asset manager?

And ten years from now that position will be basically the same as it is now?

You think so?


Maybe you will just have a few more software programs to manage?

You might possibly have some kind of augmented virtual thing you have to deal with.

Or maybe even just watching the automated thingy that you and only you know how to work, do its thing.

Is that rational or realistic to think that’s what your #CRE world will be?

The software that will drive #CRE will be better than the people running it.

Let me ask you this, “where do you fit in?”

What skill sets will you need to have?

Is creativity one of them?

Is that all it will take?

What type of environment will you be working in, if working at all?

Who will own it and why would they want to?

Everyone wants to sit in a three by four cubicle and slave away right?

Not me.

So, What Makes The Future Of #CRE So Special?

Is it creativity, freedom from a certain place, and flexibility at the very least?

We have that now do we not?

Maybe I am missing something.

To me, I’m not seeing it.

All I see is software and machines.

What if we don’t need the machines?

Think about that one.

What Makes The Future Of #CRE So Special? Nothing, Nothing At All.


+1 It has to be the people right?

+1+1 I’m not so sure, what do you think?



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