What Is Your Calling Card To The World?

What Is Your Calling Card To The World?

Dinner in Chicago.

I made a trip this week to Chicago to meet up and have dinner with Riggs Kubiak the CEO of Honest Buildings. He and I were scheduled to meet in New York, but the big snowstorm took care of that. During our dinner conversation, the subject of my site came up. I have known Riggs for a few years now, and he has contributed a guest post or two, so he is pretty familiar with the things I write. He mentioned that he is a big fan of my “rants”, and I should think about doing a rant a week. I responded that I may be mellowing as I age, and I am much nicer than most people think. That raised a big smile from him, and the chicken arrived, so we had to dig in. As we were about to leave Riggs asked if I read or followed any of Fred Wilson’s blog. I said that I did follow some of his writing and found it interesting. Riggs mentioned that one particular post Fred had just put up was about his blog itself and how it was his “calling card in business” and how much it pays off. I of course agreed. Riggs and I shook hands as he headed off into the cold and into the street to catch a taxi. As I walked to my car, I started to think.

Inbound and the Entire World.

If you Google Fred Wilson one of the links it displays is a Wikipedia page. On the page among all the accolades for being one of the smartest Vc’s around is that he is known for his blog. I found that a bit strange but then why not. If I am known for anything out and about in this world fortunately or unfortunately, it is because of my site. How many thousands of views is this post getting as you sit here and read this sentence? It boggles my mind at the reach and depth of  “influence” this site has had on my career. Everyone and I mean everyone I have met talked to emailed and or messaged with any conversation in the last five years is because of this site. I have a trip planned for New York next week and have over ten meetings scheduled. Everyone knows me from this site. I am planning a trip to Atlanta. Everyone, I will meet there knows me from one thing. www.dukelong.com.

Not for Everyone.

If you had asked me a few years back if that’s what my reality would be, I would have said “bullshit what a waste of time.” I have never considered myself a writer. And I am sure there are many millions that would agree. Not everyone wants to take the time or make the effort to sit in front of a computer every day and write. Some want to do videos like Allen and his Tuesday Traffic Tips. Some want to do podcasts or put on events. That’s what they are drawn to. I can count a thousand times or more that I thought I would stop writing altogether. BUT.

My Calling Card.

It ‘s what I do. I write. I rant. I scream. I laugh (mostly at myself), and I try and help. There are countless ways that people have suggested I “monetize” this site. I have never looked at it that way at all. I look at it as the greatest networking tool ever created. I control every aspect of it. I create the content and put it out there for the world to see. And fortunately for me the world responds. It’s not always pretty, but I knew that from the first day. Most people are very gracious and positive and for that, I am humbled and thankful. This for better or worse is my calling card to the world. It has changed my life in ways I would have never imagined. It has also allowed me to meet the most amazing people. That is for me the most important part and probably the reason I continue to write. I can’t help but think that there is another amazing person I will meet just around the corner, and we can help each other make this a better world in some way.

The first thing I ever wrote was published in November of 2009. It’s been an unbelievable ride.

It feels like I am just beginning.

What Is Your Calling Card To The World?


+1 There is a huge stack of business cards sitting on my desk next to me. How did that happen?

Duke Long


  • Duke – I’ve not read many of your blogs but I do get your email with all the newslinks and from time to time I will click on one like I did this morning. I initially came across you because of the intersection of Bitcoin and CRE. Since then I check out each email you send. This one caught my attention because of the phrase “calling card” and it piqued my interest. I agree that writing isn’t for everyone but It’s a wise thing to know what you are known for. I look forward to continuing to get your emails and checking out the links. By the way, you asked how did it happen that you got a stack of cards on your desk? You didn’t use the Inigo App – if you had, you would have scanned those in when you got them then tossed them 🙂 Check out http://www.inigoapp.com – I believe you will be surprised.

  • Duke – We met through your blog and I think what drew me in was how authentic the content was. Every post is wrapped around Duke Long and your unique take on the industry. In my opinion, a lot of your success is because you have the confidence to trust your own voice (even if it lands you in hot water from time to time). Everything I read of yours feels 100% Duke Long – Nothing more, nothing less. Seems like an easy thing to get right but it’s not often seen these days.