• Good video, but a topic that needs more depth and insight to it. Don’t forget, when you buy local, you are usually supporting an independent business owner. One who supports the Little League, Bowling Teams, and sends his kids to dance lessons at the local dance studio.

    And let’s now forget, most commercial real estate is local as well. We might have big national sites to list at, but the vast majority of transactions are local, and they need local expertise (like us) to complete them in an economic manner.


  • Duke, you bring up a good point about the the relationship between the customer and the retailer. Probably a big reason why localism is so popular is we seem to feel this experience is lost when purchasing from the “big box” store.

    However there are some local businesses that survive in spite of themselves (awful service, junk merchandise), just as there are big box retail environments who make its customers feel valued and appreciated. As in all aspects, it’s finding the balance that works for each of us.

    Great topic!

    Sincerely, Kelli

    • Kelli,
      Excellent points.Appreciate your opinion