What Is CRE.Buzz? Is It Reddit? Is It Hacker News? It’s All of That And More Just For #CRE.

What Is CRE.Buzz? Is It Reddit? Is It Hacker News? It’s All of That And More Just For #CRE.

Welcome To CRE.BUZZ

CRE BUZZ is a community site for anything that is related to the industry. There are not a lot of rules, other than please be civil. Discussion is encouraged, but please make it productive (no name-calling)

If you find a story interesting and especially if it presents a unique angle, please feel free to “upvote” it. Popular stories (or stories with the most upvotes) will automatically rise to the top of the site.

We also encourage you to submit posts and to make thoughtful comments on posts you see here.

CRE Buzz Guidelines.

What to submit.

Anything that people in the commercial real estate industry would find interesting. We’re especially looking for anything with a unique angle on an industry article or story. Videos and pictures are ok, but please keep it on topic (we’re not looking for cat memes; there’s another site for that)


Please don’t use uppercase letters or exclamation points, or say how great an article is in the title. It’s implied in submitting something that you think it’s important.

Please submit the original source. For example, if a blog post reports on something they found on another site, submit the site it was found on.


Please add to the conversation and be civil. When disagreeing, please reply to the argument itself rather than calling names.

Did you notice the “we?”

The we are the people at APTO.com. Tanner and his amazing team put this site together with their own time and effort.

Now before you start with the “it’s got to be some marketing thing” diatribe let me give you the ACTUAL story.

I as in me the one and only have had this #CRE idea for a couple of years. I was introduced to HackerNews by the team at 42Floors who if you don’t know their history came out of Y Combinator. Hacker News started as a communication tool for the alumni of Y Combinator. It has evolved to be much more than that. When I saw the simplicity of the site was like “where is that for #CRE?” Well, I let it hang for a while. I talked to Jason @42floors a couple of times who liked the idea and encourage it. Execution. I think that all he says now. In every sentence. Always.

So. I contacted Matt @realync in Chicago late last summer and I threw it at him. He is just getting his company going and loved the idea also. He mentioned that he might have a couple of developers that could handle the project. We met at a place of coffee in Indy and discussed many things football (Luck) and technology.

Literally at the same time generally for some reason I was on a phone call (remember those) with Tanner in Houston discussing CRM and stuff. At the end of the conversation I said ” hey, do you know what Hacker News is?” He was like ” don’t even mention that we have had meetings about something like that, are you thinking about doing it?” I responded ” I have already talked to developers and I am deciding which one I may use.” He said “stop seriously we want to do it. Let’s do it together. Do you want to help? Do you have a name for it? What do you thing it should look like?” I mentioned that I was familiar with something open source and maybe something that had to do with Python. We talked some more and decided to connect later and dig deeper and try to make this thing happen.

But Why?

Are there not already too may sites outlets social media channels industry specific platforms and various other distractions online?

Answer: NO.

This is.

This is different.

This is free.

This is #CRE crowd sourced.

This is #CRE’s front page.

Look at Reddit.

Can it should it will it evolve?

YES of course it will.

What can it be?

Maybe everything. Maybe it will just be something that it should always have been.

NO we are not going to MONETIZE.

What would be the point?

CRE Buzz is just what it can and will be on its own.

It will be created by #YOU

It will be created by #CRE

It will be #Your #CRE site for everything #CRE.

Link to it.

Send the link and welcome page to your data base.

Post up all of your #CRE stuff.




Share Hard!


Be the first one in your office to get the most votes.

Show your office how it works.

Show your friends and when they ask….

What Is CRE.Buzz?

Is It Reddit?

Is It Hacker News?

Tell Them.

It’s All of That And More Just For #CRE.

photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/da100fotos/3241970427/”>Danny Perez Photography</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a>

Duke Long


  • […] What Is CRE.Buzz? Is It Reddit? Is It Hacker News? It’s All of That And More Just For #CRE CRE BUZZ is a community site for anything that is related to the industry. There are not a lot of rules, other than please be civil. Discussion is encouraged, but please make it productive (no name-calling)… Duke Long var disqus_url = 'http://www.coydavidson.com/news/this-weeks-recommended-reading-126/&#039;; var disqus_identifier = '30690 http://www.coydavidson.com/?p=30690&#039;; var disqus_container_id = 'disqus_thread'; var disqus_shortname = 'thetenantadvisor'; var disqus_title = "This Week’s Recommended Reading"; var disqus_config_custom = window.disqus_config; var disqus_config = function () { /* All currently supported events: onReady: fires when everything is ready, onNewComment: fires when a new comment is posted, onIdentify: fires when user is authenticated */ this.language = ''; this.callbacks.onReady.push(function () { // sync comments in the background so we don't block the page var script = document.createElement('script'); script.async = true; script.src = '?cf_action=sync_comments&post_id=30690'; var firstScript = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; firstScript.parentNode.insertBefore(script, firstScript); }); if (disqus_config_custom) { disqus_config_custom.call(this); } }; (function() { var dsq = document.createElement('script'); dsq.type = 'text/javascript'; dsq.async = true; dsq.src = '//' + disqus_shortname + '.disqus.com/embed.js'; (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(dsq); })(); […]

  • The concept is interesting, maybe even exciting. The reality, from what I see so far, is just another boring site where everyone re-posts articles someone else wrote (that are available to everyone directly). Multiple posts of non-original work from the same person… as Duke Long might say “bullshit walks”… or maybe more to the point “bullshit hijacks originality and exciting new concepts and turns it into the same old crap.”

    • So Mike,
      Ball out and post up something original then. If there is anyone who posts up original content anywhere it is…..ME so quit bitching and POST or shut the ….up. How’s that for a comment?

      • I was responding to you posting how great the concept is… it is a great concept. But it has already been hijacked by the same old same old. One person posting original material is like a pebble in the Mississippi when the real solution is to do a good job articulating the concept and then curate the site (at least at first) to make sure the posts follow the concept.

        Who is the target audience of the site? If it is the general public interested in CRE then that is one type of content. If it is other CRE brokers then the content is entirely different. And different yet if the community is owners/users/equity/debt/tech companies/etc. Is it news or opinion? Is it broker to broker conversation? Hmmm, now that I think about it, without more info about the whole point of it I probably shouldn’t have commented on the site. I may be right or I may be wrong 🙂

        I can’t tell if you are defending the site as it is now, or just being snarky. If you like what it is, then excuse my criticism. I totally misread your intent/description before i took a look. If you think the site has turned out 180 degrees (or some fraction thereof) from what you envisioned, then that would be good to know too. It that is the case, then a revision and reboot may work.

        As an aside, you do post a lot of opinion and news, with your own take, and I read it. But there are at least a few others that post frequently (besides the many businesses that post market reports and analysis) that are worth following – Ira Meislik; Real Estate Bisnow; theBrokerList is starting to get rolling; Lynn Drake. For that matter, you post lists of sites worth checking out too.

        • LOL, it just occurs to me that my first comment WAS a post in the spirit of the site I thought you were describing 🙂 It was serious commentary with a bit of humor and set the stage for discussion of a newsworthy topic.

        • Mike,
          This thing is like 1% of what it can be because of the PEOPLE who will be using it. Give them some credit. Give them some time. It’s All #CRE…Watch!…….Watch! Patience. Patience. Have some eggnog and chill.

  • Compared to this website (DukeLong), buzz appears to offer a more efficient way to scan the web for relevant info than either google or tBL, and does so without the trolling that so often typifies the moderator’s posts here. Which in my book is a good thing. So I Cancel here (which I was about to do anyway), Subscribe there. JMO. YMMV.