What Is BIM? Why It Will Change Commercial Real Estate Forever!

What is BIM? It Will Change Commercial Real Estate Forever!

Building Information Modeling.

It is certainly not something that is entirely new or unknown in commercial real estate. Take a quick look at the video to get the basics of BIM.

Ok, so how will this change commercial real estate forever?

3-D Visualization:

1.Marketing inside outside upside and backwards. Think I-Pad and touring or….. maybe not touring.

2.All tours available anytime anywhere online.

3.How does the building look and compare to the structures it sits next to now?

4. What will the space look like for the potential tenant?

4. Possibilities are endless.

Data or Change Management:

1.What if you have a space that needs a build out? The data already exists and is…Oh No I’m not going to say it …. TRUE and ACCURATE.

2. The building will be able to access the data and adapt and create a $$$ scenario for both the tenant and owner.

3. Engineers,Contractors, Maintenance,Managers help keep the data…OH NO…TRUE and ACCURATE.

Building Simulation:

1. Yes it makes perfect sense to simulate what may happen before it is built.

2. The bigger and more compelling possibility is to use the same data set on existing buildings.

3.Creating a TRUE and ACCURATE Data Standard. Just for the record. I want to own the company that does this. Maybe I already do!

Data Management:

1.The data can and will be used during the entire life cycle of the structure

2.It has more value to the owner of that data than the actual structure itself. I want to own that company.Maybe I already do too!

Bigger Picture.

1. BIM technology and or the use of it and the data created equals low risk low cost high reward.

2. This is not just a software program that creates pretty pictures and helps contractors and architects get deals.

3. Everyone asks me what is “The Next Thing” for commercial real estate.

4. BIM changes commercial real estate forever.

5. It not only is the next thing for commercial real estate…it may be the last thing for a long long time.


Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/atelier_pro/5594783493/



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