What Is a Content Platform and A User Platform For Commercial Real Estate?

Content—What is the definition?

For many content is mostly media. Articles videos tweets stories pictures infographics etc.

What if you think of content in a different way? How about inventory or products?

Example: Borders has (whoops had) content in the form of books. Books on shelves.

Books that they thought everyone on the planet would find interesting engaging and would decide to purchase.

Simple I know but that’s the point. Get a little bit of something for everyone put it in one place and BOOM $$$.

It didn’t really work out that way did it? You know where I’m going next. Amazon.

Amazon started out with books (if your under 30 look it up) that you could buy online.

They had basically access to almost every book you could want or at least they made it seem that way.

So, they had content or supply if you want to term it that way just like Borders.

What Amazon had that Borders did not was a USER PLATFORM.

A USER PLATFORM that had access to the entire (or so it seemed) world.

Sit back for a second and think. What did Amazon do with the user platform?

They sure sold some books right? They have also sold a few other things since then. (Market Cap. 171.80 B)

Who has The Content Platform for #CRE?

Is it broker generated Listings?

Is it just every building in a city with public data attached?

How about market numbers market rates and stats?

Maybe it’s just a database of deals and comps?

What is the ultimate #CRE content?

Is it a combination of all the above and then some?

Looks like to me that they are all just content platforms.

How has that content only platform thing worked out so far?

FaceBook. I can’t believe I just wrote that word.

They have at last check 1.19 BILLION that’s with a B monthly users. MONTHLY users with a B.

That my friends is a USER PLATFORM.

A USER PLATFORM with content generated from——–THE USERS!

Say what you want ( oh have have I ever) about what FaceBook is or it is not. Did I say 1.19 Billion?

What FaceBook and Amazon has is a one to one relationship with an individual user.

Let me repeat that a one to one relationship with an individual user.

Content Platform—User Platform.

Seems pretty simple. It’s easy to see how they have done it.

Where are the examples of those types of platforms in commercial real estate?

Well you say we have……and we have…….!


Don’t even try.

No one and I mean no one can claim they have THE Content Platform for commercial real estate.

As for THE User Platform? It does not even exist.

Where is the “Amazon user experience” for commercial real estate?

Where is the user generated platform? USER GENERATED!

And for fucks sake don’t waste your breath with the “we are #CRE so…..” argument.

Quit trying to save your job with rhetoric. I’m going to start call it just that—–rhetoric.

What happens when?

What happens when someone figures it out?

What if they already have?

Who will be there first?

Who has some of the pieces now?

What happens if they get together?

What if YOU are the one that helps decide?

What Is a Content Platform and A User Platform For Commercial Real Estate?



Duke Long