“What Do You Actually Do Again?” It’s Called, “Hiding In Plain Sight.”

Of course, people want to know. It’s human nature, and they want to relate.

Most want to try and pay it forward and help if they can and assume that it will come back around to them.

In my case, I try and make sure that happens and then some.

But without fail the question in parts is almost always, “what do you do again?”

Now, the answer is basic and made easy somewhat because they have connected with me in various ways.

A personal introduction via a friend and email. A gutsy flyer of a cold LinkedIn or Twitter direct message and also usually a reaction to something I have written.

More often than not it’s a startup of some sort looking for some context, free pub, connections, introductions and flat out $$$$!

The conversation starts with some form of familiarity or common topic which again leads to the inquiry.

I, for the most part, start with the “I’m a long time broker and also have……..”

Then we get into the history or depth of tech and commercial real estate.

As I sit here writing this, I have had two such phone conversations this very day.

We all know the amount of ranting, raving, cursing, bitching, pleading, screaming and “humble entertaining” that I am known for.

Infamous is a word that I would use to describe it, and I have often.

Infamous: deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully malign. 

I think the kids say “own that shit.”


Is that all just a perpetuation of a strategy made simple by the tools that have been laid before us all?

It’s all out there, what have I not said, written or ranted about especially when it is about the multi-trillion dollar asset class that is commercial real estate.

As a side: I have no intention of stopping. As in FUCKING EVER!

What’s missing are the things you don’t see or hear.

Do you want a little peek behind, under, inside?

Do you need to hit Incognito Mode?

No, you don’t, unless you are already there.

I will give you a scenario.

It involves a company (could be a fictional company) that I think could change #CRE in ways we haven’t thought about. I say fictional because of legal shit or no reasonable facsimile of an actual company may be…… or then again maybe it is. Lawyers!

The now CEO of this company saw what he thought was the future of commercial real estate. Don’t we all.

He did some serious and in-depth research all with some serious #cre credibility and background. In other words, he knows his #cre shit and is not just pulling the ideas out of his ass.

He reaches out to me because of a few things I wrote. It resonates with him. We talk on the phone. It the usual drill of questions and answers.

BUT, I think there maybe something there. A few weeks pass by. We meet in person. I drill harder and deeper, (phrasing) and tear apart all pieces of the model and idea.

It still stands up.

And the now CEO is fucking impressive. It’s not the pitch, it’s the way it’s going to be executed.

( Now, there is so much legal shit involved that my lawyer is probably having a coronary just reading the last five or six sentences.)

(What you need to understand is that there are so many regulations and issues of compliance that I have what I would call almost a gag order imposed on me because of this site. I have what has been called “unique exposure” to the industry. In other words “Duke shut the fuck up and say nothing about what you do.”)

Pulling you back in here.

One of the most important things I do is back that particular CEO. Almost to a fault. It’s his show. It always will be. We live and die together. We will live and die together. There is no plan B or bailing out.

We discuss everything and anything about building and running a company. Yes, I know when I am out of my zone. I admit that to him. How hard do you think it is to say “I don’t have any answer for you.” Fucking hard.

But that’s brutal honesty. He understands that.

He has to build the team and I do everything to help with that. I need to make sure he has a deep deep bench.

It’s always about that team. We are working now on parts that are a year out. Why a year out? You think that’s too far?

Ok, smart ass. Think about RR, sales, the funnel, the budget and the quotas around that. How long does that take to ramp up? A week or two? A month? Fuck no. If you do it right we are talking nine months to a year. You say that’s not realistic. That’s why you are failing asshole.

It’s not my place or skill set to be an operations or daily hands-on guy. Again that’s the CEO’s job. Sounds simple. It’s not.

Remember that deep bench? When where who how and why does the company and the CEO need them?

I sure as fuck better know that. Right behind my unquestioned support and loyalty to the CEO that is why I exist.

One other main reason is $$$$$$!

(Really going to make my lawyer worry here.)

Who’s got it? When and where are they going to deploy it? What is the time frame and strategy to source that money? Who are we talking to now to make sure we are 1×1 with them 18 months out? It’s part of what I do to make sure NOTHING is missed.

How many times can you go in the door with shit before they won’t let you in ever again?

I make sure that does not happen.

Who is going to be the next $100-500- million even billion dollar funded companies?

You have that all figured out right?

There is always plenty of money out there. Always.

Don’t get me wrong here I do love all of this but the shit is hard.

I’m just trying to change the world forever. I didn’t think it was going to be easy.

It is the process, not the end result that matters. That was some deep shit right there.

So, that was just a small glimpse into what it is that I do, most of the time.

I’m always will to help, but between you and I, there is also only so much time.

So, it sounds kind of interesting and awesome, and it is just that.

But as much as I am willing to help. I must confess, wait not confess but be brutally honest.

I Hide In Plain Site.

You want to get a list of the companies that are going to be “the next.” NOPE.

You want to source and resource that big pile of money and have me slide you right in? NOPE.

You need to connect into the growing and flush hot companies of #cre? NOPE.

You want me to tell you what all those big #CRE customers can’t live without? NOPE.

You want me to Instagram all my meetings? NOPE.

Do you want to find out who are people you MUST meet and have no clue who they are? Just ask Duke, he’s got all the inside scoop. NOPE.

( I am thinking about creating another list, something way different.)

You want me to give you the exact _____ and amounts____ and ___ with__? Uh, Fuck NOPE.

And why not?

Hell, I’ve been writing about all of that and then so much more on here for how long now?

That’s not enough for you?

You know what, I thought of something the other day.

And when I thought about this I thought about you, yes just you.

I need to be a bit more open.

I need to document more.

I need to utilize the “exposure” that I do have.

I’m not helping enough.

I did just tell you some of the things I am not going to expose.

How much is left?

So, much more.

I get asked all the time.

“What Do You Actually Do Again?”

It’s Called, “Hiding In Plain Sight.”


+1 When I do have a bit of spare time…. #TeeItHigh #LetItFly


















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