What Are The 10 Biggest Tech Problems In Commercial Real Estate?

What Are The 10 Biggest Tech Problems In Commercial Real Estate?

Going Deep.

You hear it everywhere.

“We need a solution for this.”

“We need to implement and integrate with that.”

“This needs to work better and more effectively.”

A better question in my mind is “what are the real problems?”

What are the real problems that should be addressed within commercial real estate and the technology that fuels it?

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As I write this, I am heading to San Francisco to CRE//Tech Intersect where 50+ #CRETech companies will be showing the world what they think is the answer to that very question.

Here are my 10 and is it only 10?

1. The Transactional Environment.

Discovery, search, CRM, workflow, tracking, verification, prospecting.

It’s the engine that creates it all.

2. Data.

The market, consumer, comps, lending, building and verified by who or maybe no one at all.

Data + Location = commercial real estate.

3. The Entire Built Environment.

Every commercial structure that has ever been built.

After the transaction, there is anything and everything.

4. Resources.

We use more resources from this planet to create a market than any other asset class.

No additional comment needed.

5. Users of Space.

Tenants, the ones who pay and pay in more ways than just $$$.

Who is their advocate? Who has their best interest in mind?

6. Communication/Interaction.

Broker between brokers. Building owners with everybody. Tenants with each other. Buildings with buildings.

Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world because they figured out how to get people to……..

7. Efficiencies.

Sustainability, energy use, analytics, processes, transactional, building and people management.

I did mention resources. How about time—–the most precious resource of them all.

8. Mobility.

Autonomous Mobility. Work from anywhere anytime. Be driven anywhere anytime.

How about letting the machines do the work for us?

9. Software A Service. (SaaS)

“Software is eating the world.” That was said more than five years ago.

Software is eating commercial real estate.

10. Outside Influences.

The unforeseen. The Black Swan. How about the things we can or will be able to predict because of technology?

The predictability of the unpredictable.

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This is just a sample of 10.

There has to be many more.

You have to have some ideas of your own.

We all have ideas.

So I ask you.

What Are The 10 Biggest Tech Problems In Commercial Real Estate?



Duke Long