What Again? Augmented Reality And Commercial Real Estate Revisited.

What Again? Augmented Reality and Commercial Real Estate Revisited.

Yes, I Am At It Again.

Here I go again jumping squarely up on the soapbox to scream yell opine and champion augmented reality for commercial real estate.

Let’s step back to oh let’s say 08 24 2011 where I asked the question “Will augmented reality change commercial real estate forever?”

Please take the time to read the post. I make what I think is a pretty compelling argument for the quick adoption and use of augmented reality.

So I thought that the post would help jumpstart at least the conversation and more than that some examples of real world use. Guess what?

I was wrong and made a video in January 2012 to say just that.

So let’s leap forward to April of 2013 . What do we see? Yea that’s what I said….nothing.

It’s ridiculous!

The entire world is on a mobile platform.

Residential real estate is waaaaay ahead of us. Why? Maybe they are just smarter and want to move inventory. I”m just guessing.

Here are some quick examples of augmented reality with a residential slant presented by James Dearsley. Founder of The Digital Marketing Bureau.

So there is nothing that commercial real estate people can come up with…..at all?

A quick side. I went on a few building tours for office space in San Francisco recently. You know the tech hub of the universe San Francisco.

Guess what we had for building information. A flat sheet of paper and a “tour book” which was the paper sheets bonded together. That was it! So now I guess I am supposed to go back to my office and look up all of the properties we looked at myself. If I can find them anywhere online (which I seriously doubt) in the same generic form as they were on the sheets of paper.

Did I say ridiculous? I really meant fucking ridiculous!

That’s it April 2013. I  want to look at office space for rent in one of the major commercial real estate markets in the world. I get a building pic some basic info the price and……….nothing else…on a sheet of paper.

Sad Pathetic Lazy Ignorant Unadaptable and dare I say just absolutely no fucking regard  or respect for your client! There I said it!

Yes Again Augmented Reality and Commercial Real Estate Revisited.



Duke Long