We Are Throwing Billions Of Dollars at #CRETech But Are We Missing The Most Important Target?

I travel a bit out and about on the planet as some you may know. So with that comes the ridiculous hassle of the ever dreadful security line. Yes, some of you may see it as a necessary evil that we all must endure for the better of all. I get that but we still are asked to take our shoes off seventeen years after one isolated incident. Has anything like that happened since? No, so accordingly it must be working? Really, I seriously doubt that. One personal comment I will make about that is that if the intent of that one person was to make a mark on the world they certainly have done something along those lines, just think about that the next time you reach down and pull your shoes of in front of the conveyor belt. I did say seventeen years.

I do have the TSA Precheck but as some of you may know that is only in effect about seventy-five or eighty percent of the time and sometimes even the TSA line is longer than the regular line. To my point, I just happened to be traveling to NYC from Indianapolis (my hometown) recently. If you are not familiar with the Indy airport they claim to have won all kinds of awards for being the best at something that has to do with being an airport. It is indeed spotless and simple to navigate. I may have traveled in and out of there more than a hundred times at least. This particular day it was a bit busy as the summer travel season was in full swing. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the TSA line was shut down or something so I was directed along with everyone to one side of the security line and as I approached the endless retractable belt barrier things I noticed a team of security people with dogs. I didn’t pay that much attention as the dog came past me and sniffed while I continued into the belly of the line.

We’ve all stood there and as some us will do we will occasionally strike up a bit of conversation. The line was moving along briskly and to my surprise without much hassle at all. In front of me was a fairly big sized guy. He looked as if he had not missed a day in the gym lately and certainly could have been some sort of professional athlete. He threw me a smile and a head nod as we both reached our ID”s out to the TSA agent to get checked through. We both headed for the conveyor belt as the TSA agents were barking out their usual banter except this time they said “leave your shoes and jackets on. Put your phones and other items in your bag and just walk through. I was like “what” the big dude just smiled and I followed him through to wait at the end of the belt and grab my bag. I looked his way and I said, “that’s the way it should always be.” He looked down the belt and said, “I knew when I saw the dog it was going to be quick.” I replied as I looked down the belt also, “why?” He grabbed one of his bags and said “when they bring in the dogs I get happy because I know they won’t make you take everything off. The dogs are here to detect anything that could be a problem.” I looked right up at him and said, “then why don’t they just have dogs here all the time?” He replied with “that’s a good question it would save us all the normal hassle not to mention the ridiculous waste of time we all have to deal with.” He threw a big smile my way nodded and was off. I grabbed my bag and headed for my gate.

Think about my experience along with the hundreds of others that day. Quick lines, friendly TSA agents, a brisk walk and ID check then onto our assigned gate with a big smile in a matter of just a few minutes.

And all because two dogs were present. That’s it. Two dogs. Not millions of dollars of multi-radar body scanning detection equipment. No pat down and the uncomfortable hands running up an down the legs during the “random” search. Trained I’m sure with countless hours of classes and books with tests to make sure there is some kind of standard upheld and some sort of federal regulation and or compliance of some sort. Think of the millions know wait BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars spent. Think of just the time. The waste of time we all endure.

But if you have two dogs there it can all be bypassed. Two dogs. How much food do you think they eat? How hard is it to train them and at what cost compared to the other BILLIONS? It has to to be an infinitesimal amount compared to all the other.

The huge value-add just beyond the money and time consideration is the actual experience. Is that not worth almost more than the other two? It was quick easy and friendly. When is the last time you equated any type of consumer experience like that with the airport TSA? Personally for me, NEVER.

The world has decided that we need to spend BILLIONS and BILLIONS on technology to make us “safe.” They are justified because for the most part there have been no incidents of serious consequence generally. Has that spend been truly justified and if so at what real expense? One expense I see that can’t be calculated is my dignity. What’s the real price to be placed on that? Probed, prodded, herded, yelled at and scrutinized like an alleged criminal all to do what. Keep me safe?

Do you think the governments of the world sit there and think, how can we make this process more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone involved? You would like to think so but is that even a realistic thought. You and I both know what those meetings are probably like. It’s all about budgets processes and compliance. The user or consumer experience is probably NEVER even considered.

What were the topics of your last Monday morning broker meeting? Sales, deals, market intel, company and community involvement, maybe even a discussion about some tech you have heard about and then let’s go kick some ass and make some money. Fair enough.

Is there or has there ever been any discussions about all of those targets experience with you and your company?

Is it all cold calling and robo emails? You and I know that answer.

Is it a PDF flyer with your glam shot and deal list. You know the answer to that one too.

How about your new updated website? Is it all tricked and mobile ready? Sure it is.

All of that stuff is just little pieces of technology correct?

How about someone occupying a building? I’m in and out of all kinds of buildings in NYC. You have to get checked in with a personal ID, scanned in through a barrier of some kind and then hit a specified number to get on an elevator. That’s all technology. Technolgy to do what. Provide a better experience?

What about occupying that same building to work? Is it a cubicle? Is it just an open space? An open space or style of office that’s getting hanmmered in all kinds of media for not being a productive way to work. What’s that environment suppose to be fueled by…….technology.

When is the last time a meeting in or around brokerage or property management ended with how are you measuring our customer’s user experience?

Ironically tech companies do it all the time.

Maybe this is a better question when has that same question has EVER been asked?

I fly out of New York tomorrow for another trip. What kind of user experience will I have?

You and I both know the answer to that.

We Are Throwing Billions Of Dollars at #CRETech But Are We Missing The Most Important Target?







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