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Want To Know How To Market Industrial Real Estate? Go To Russia!


Yes, I said Russia!

I have searched. I have taken the time. I have dug down deep. I can’t find anything even close.

You say “oh wait but we have”…… uh no you have not. If I could not find it then you are not doing a good job….at all.

There is always someone. Someone that sees the way and sees it with simple clarity.

They get it. Guess what they do? Market industrial real estate.

Just look at the company YouTube Channel.  They have over 600,000 views and 5,000 subscribers. You don’t have to speak the language to understand that this is how to do it!

How about Facebook.

How about Pinterest.

How about Twitter.

Let your eyes see the possibilities.

Hell they even know how to have some company fun.


Want To Know How To Market Industrial Real Estate? Go To Russia!


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  • Chase Pursley

    Очень интересно! Great videos. As someone who owns some Russian real estate, I approve.

    I bet they sell a lot more real estate than working the ‘good ole boy network’ and waiting for phone calls.

  • rsky1

    And have fun doing it as well? That’s a novel concept!