VR Is Now A Real Estate Commodity. It’s Offical, I Called It.

Every day and I do mean every day the headlines online and off scream a version of  “Virtual reality expected to shake up future of real estate.”

It’s been that way for how long now? Years and years.

When will it stop? Well, I hope today is the start.

Why, because VR is now a commodity in real estate.

It’s nothing special. It’s everywhere. It’s not new, it’s not fresh, it’s not groundbreaking, it’s not shaking a damn thing in real estate.

It seems that the only people not understanding this is the “media” who have no clue about what they are writing about.

Here’s another one, “How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry.” – Forbes March 28, 2017. It’s Forbes so it has to be legit. right?  That was just published less than a month ago.

What revolution are they talking about?

Is it the I can get online and see pictures of a building stitched together revolution?

Wait, wait, wait, it’s the put a thing on your head with your phone attached to it that will show you pictures of a building revolution?

Wait, wait, they said “it could revolutionize” so they are hedging just in case it does not. Gutsy call.

I doubt of course anyone with the god given talent to write for such authoritative publication will have the time to waste reading this so why don’t I just get you up to speed instead.

Guess who does understand why VR is now a commodity in real estate?

Two groups.

The people who pay for it and the people that are using it.

Pretty important people if you ask me.

Again they pay for and use VR.

For real estate.

And do you know what they think about VR?

It’s all the same tech.

How in the hell should they or could they know any difference in the VR technology they are using?

Here is a better point, why should they even care?

They don’t. It’s all the same to them.

Now the tech people sure as hell care and for what reason I am clueless. (They are smarter than you and I after all.)

The people who run the bull shit as in I am “selling tech bullshit,” companies think the customer actually cares.

Let me state this THEY DON’T CARE.

You can strap on whatever device____________(just letting that phrase soak in)__________ in whatever form but it makes ZERO difference.

All the user wants to know is this.

Can I see the rooms? Yes.

Can I see the furniture? Yes.

Can I see where my desk will be? Yes.

Does it show how far it is from my desk to the bathroom? Yes.

Does it have a window view? Yes.

Does it have the view I was promised? Yes.

Ok, they’re good. That’s all they need. Anything else is just fluff. (killing myself with phrasing.)

There are and have been some spectacular examples of VR for real estate and that’s awesome.

We can and will visualize the space from wherever we are. Ok, good.

That’s it. We are there NOW. Today!

And guess what, I’m not paying out the ass to see it either.

Better yet I’m not paying out the ass to have it done as a marketing tool. It’s just one of the things out there NOW!

How many companies are out there pitching this NOW?

If I, The Godfather, held a competition to say fund a VR company with $500k  how many do you think would submit?


And their pitch will be? “Our tech is the best because…”

My answer will be, “who cares.”

How fast and how cheap can I get my space online and in front of potential customers?

The company who proves that to me wins! Period!

So, the pretty pictures are just that, what is the real value?

It has been from day one and always will be the data from the users.

Whoever or whatever companies do that first and best WINS!

For what purpose? Well, that’s for another day. I can’t give away all of my secrets, can I?

VR Is Now A Real Estate Commodity. It’s Offical, I Called It.



+1 Now, Visual Lidar, there’s something interesting.

+1+1 You can try and complicate the technology as much as you want, that revolution, it never happened.

+1+1+1 As a matter of fact the market has already passed you by, maybe it’s time to look into multi-level marketing. I hear that’s always been a solid thing.

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