Visual Technology And The Construction Industry, Because It’s Cool!

We have all been subjected to the hype of VR and Augmented reality by all forms of media.

I myself am guilty of the hype as far back as 2011 and again in 2013. It’s 2017 right? How far ahead was I?

Will Augmented Reality Change Commercial Real Estate Forever?

What Again? Augmented Reality And Commercial Real Estate Revisited.

How far have we come? What’s out there now?

I just wanted to highlight two companies and their vision (Ha) of the construction industry and where and how they are pushing all the boundaries possible.



That’s it.

Just watch the videos.

No comments needed.

It’s just ooh and ahh and “that’s cool.”

Get back to work and do some more deals.


+1 Seriously, get back to work.

+1+1 Lidar is the shit! Oh and BIM too!


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