Video Podcast Wes Snow President/CEO Ascendix Technologies.

Wes Snow President/CEO Ascendix Technologies.

There are many different CRM solutions available. AscendixRE has continued to invest in tools for the commercial real estate broker, what are some of those tools?

Recently AscendixRE introduced a product designed just for land brokers. AscendixRE has continued to evolve the solution to support other users groups in the commercial real estate space, how broad of a solution is it now?

Everyone struggles with getting data into their applications almost daily. You created what you call a White Glove Concierge Service to help with just that, why is that service so important?

Salesforce is a front runner in the CRM space. Ascendix RE has made more investments on that platform than just the basic AscendixRE product. Why the continued investment on that platform?

Ascendix RE also just released a publication, that sounds like a great way to leverage automation and remove some of the manual efforts around creating reports for our clients. How has that helped your customers and what has there reaction been? 

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