(UX) User Experience. What is It? Why It’s Obvious You Don’t Care!

(UX) User Experience. What Is It? Why It Is Obvious You Don’t Care.

Definition:User experience (UX) is the way a person feels about using a productsystem or service.User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership, but it also includes a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system.User experience is subjective in nature, because it is about an individual’s feelings and thoughts about the system. User experience is dynamic, because it changes over time as the circumstances change.

Well, that seems like a pretty straight forward definition of UX.

Let’s look at some of the definition terms. Meaningful,valuable, personal perceptions,ease of use,efficiency,subjective,dynamic.

Now think of the commercial real estate UX and the terms above. Yes, that’s what I said “Holy Shit ,we don’t have anything near this!”

Go ahead sit back and think for a few minutes…let me help.

Start with your personal UX…well I’m waiting. Sad, but you say “who cares, it’s about my company and brand.”

Sit back and think about your company and online brand UX. Yea I thinking the same thing. Gotta love the generic profile pics with the bios of all the deals from 20 years ago with the “awards” and yes oh yes the god forsaken “collegial”( I know it’s not a word but they use it in the south ) affiliations.

I know it’s too easy for me to sit back and rip apart the broker/corp/brand side of commercial real estate. I’m not sure that it matters a whole lot at this time yet. The consumer/client never really looks at that part of commercial real estate anyway. Which is why there has not been any real push back. No one cares so why change. But there is……..


We all do it just about every day. We go to__________ .com and search let’s say Retail For Lease in your city.

What pops up? A pic with three photos usually no interior shots. A map with a dot on it. Demographic info and a link to a PDF flyer which has…you guessed it mostly the same info with a contact link.

How about a little Google search for the same thing? Well what have we here? Craigslist Loopnet Co-Star Cityfeet (which is Loopnet) Showcase (which is C0-Star) and usually a local government land/property search site. That’s it!

That’s the dynamic meaningful personal experience of online commercial real estate today.

You say “hey well it seems to be working just fine thank you.”  “Why do I even need to care?” Really? So your hoping that the UX for your potential client is so bad that they give up and dig like hell for fifteen minutes just to find your email (next to your glam shot) so they will contact you and you can do all of the real “work” for them.Now that’s one hell of a strategy to get quality clients and deals. Make the UX so bad they just have to come to you.

Think of your own online experience today.

Want to travel?  Hipmonk.com

Want to find a place to stay? Airbnb.com

Want to get a question answered? Quora.com

Want to buy just about anything? Amazon.com

Want to lease retail space?_________________.com

That’s OK you don’t need to care about commercial real estate UX.

I do guarantee that someone else will!

Duke Long