Updated: 2012 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.

Updated:Top 75 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.

OH NO not another list! Here is an updated version of the list I created last year. Who is still on? Who fell off and who is new? Again there is absolutely no criteria for gaining a place or falling dreadfully off the list.Go ahead and take a look!

1.@BarbiReuter Barbi Reuter

2.@creGROW Dave Lewand

3.@ebwebb Bailey Webb

4.@BCCommercial Beth Ann Grib

5.@cbworldwide CBCWorldwide

6.@rshall03 Richard Hall

7.@ChrisWerely Christopher Werely

8.@Michael_MBA Michael

9.@DirtLawyer David Stejkowski

10.@WareMalcombCMO Ruth Brajevich

11.@NeilJohnsonCRE Neil Johnson

12.@LlenrockGroup Llenrock Group

13.@BoBarronCCIM Bo Barron, CCIM

14.@davidrepka David Repka

15.@JarrettSmith Jarrett K. Smith

16.@JLimonMM Jesse Limon

17.@IREM_info Institute of RE Mgmt

18.@rpliska Robt Pliska CRE, CPA

19.@garancommercial Garan Commercial

20.@RealStrat Andrew Zezas, SIOR

21.@FoxworthCRE Charlie Foxworth

22.@clamstorm Matt Fagin


24.@JamesAEllis James Ellis

25.@hard6out Sean Broderick, CCIM

26.@Ned_Law Ned A. Steinman

27.@BrianDaltonCRE Brian Dalton

28.@rvabusiness Nathan Hughes

29.@RockyMackCRE Rocky Mackintosh

30.@Jfredrix Jeff Fredericks

31.@JAndersonCCIM Jerry Anderson, CCIM

32.@COMRE_ Commerce Real Estate

33.@GilesCommercial Mike Giles

34.@cityofcalgaryRE CityofCalgaryRE

35.@CREInsider Scott Pollock

36.@FloridarealMarX RealMarx

37.@infosam Sam Scott

38.@JayRickey Jay Rickey

39.@commsource NAR Commercial

40.@JoeStampone1 Joe Stampone

41.@rebland Rob Beland

42.@JasonSandquist Jason Sandquist

43.@BruceREFM Bruce Kirsch

44.@CREOpoint Jean-Claude Goldstein

45.@BrentGreerCRE Brent Greer

46.@gwhoffmeister Greg Hoffmeister

47.@vinzani Jeff Vinzani

48.@CoyDavidsonCRE Coy davidson

49.@MikeCobbCRE Mike Cobb

50.@jdcre Justin Callaway

51.@paigesteers Paige Steers

52.@retailbroker Scott Stinson

53.@andrewbermudez Andrew Bermudez

54.@Walmartrealty Walmart Realty

55.@Johnorrccim John Orr CCIM

56.@Industrialcates Andy Cates

57.@RetailJeff  Jeff DeHart

58.@twilbert Tony Wilbert

59.@JoeCommercial Joe Ward

60.@realtgk Shawn Wagner

61.@ViningsCRE Jim Kobal

62.@palmerbayless Palmer Bayless

63.@DaveGise Dave Gise

64.@RealtorGabriel Gabriel Gonzalez

65.@kathleensershon Katie Sershon

66.@JoeBrady3 Joe Brady

67.@BullRealty Michael Bull

68.@CoreNetGlobal CoreNet Global

69.@danjjordan dan Jordan

70.@InlandGroup InlandGroup

71.@remitaw Andrew Waller

72.@LegacyPortfolio Legacy Portfolio

73.@RetailTraffic David Bodamer

74.@ChrisFyvie Chris Fyvie

75.@pffox Patrick Fox

76. @MHagen_Axxis_RE  Michael Hagen

77.@gcpursley Chase Pursley

78.@HonestBuildings Honest Buildings

79.@42Floors 42 Floors

80.@carterbyrnes Carter Byrnes

81.@kathykrach Kathleen Krach


83.@DiPodaski Diana Podaski

84.@CREjosh Josh Markiewicz

85.@CreAppReview Dominic Zimbriski

86.@danburg_boca Danburg Properties

87.@sallayanntuesday Kristin Geenty

88.@Crew_Network CREW CREW CREW CREW

89.@NAI_NP_Dodge NAI Dodge

90.@benjaminosgood The Tenant Advocate

91.@darrenshaw Darren Shaw SIOR

92.@PR9ken Pierce R. Neinken

93.@ErikLarsonCRE Erik Larson

94.@donccim Don Sebastian

95.@RichardEJordan2 Richard Jordan

96.@DavidYYoung David Young

97.@cbrechicago CBRE Chicago

98.@CPECityPages CP Executive

99.@kristinewolf Kristine Wolf

100.@EdFanselow Ed Fanslow JLL……you just barely got in 🙂

Well there it is. Thoughts?


Photo Credit: Steve Rhodes via Flickr








Duke Long

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the mention Duke, but FloridaCRE has been changed to @FloridaRealMarx.

  • Thanks for the inclusion in this list…an amazing group…I’d say I’m most excited about the fact that I now have to step up my game and live up to the recognition…Thanks Duke!

  • Appreciated, as always, Duke.

  • Anonymous

    Did you leave Coy off just so we would all comment?

  • Emily Brannon

    Good start. But, absolutely, @CoyDavidsonCRE should be on this list. As should @REITs_NAREIT @commercialREbkr @PrincipalsMkt and @FHOpartners, all of whom seem more than worthy of inclusion on this list–yet none of them made the cut… (Meanwhile, @Michael_MBA, while an excellent CRE source, is included twice…?)

    • Emily,
      Thanks for reading and commenting…and being the only one to notice the double entry …so far! :):)

  • Jana Farman

    What method did you use to determine your list? Is it based on # of followers, quality of tweets or ? And I agree with the other about Coy. And Duke, I don’t see you on the list either : )

  • Jana Farman

    What method did you use to determine your list? Is it based on # of followers, quality of tweets or ? And I agree with the other about Coy. And Duke, I don’t see you on the list either : )

  • Great list Duke, thanks for including me. This is a great resource for anyone in CRE just getting started with Twitter.

  • Shopkins

    Don’t forget about @nerej and @nyrej. Both really great cre news sources

  • I was personally amused that there are 75 people on the list and 74 retweets of the list. Coincidence??? And who’s this @CoyDavidsonCRE everyone’s talking about? 😉

    • Sean.No Clue..help me out:):)

  • Hope you don’t mind if I add my own @crepigsite

    Thanks JW

    • Anonymous

      Thank to you JW

  • HughJWade

    Of course there is a criteria for the list, which is whether or not you think someone should be on the list. And, being your list, what’s wrong with that. Nothing.

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  • what about @officefinder …

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  • Ed Fanselow

    Maybe next year … a boy can only dream

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  • Duke:
    Long-time reader, first time commenter… How can you NOT have Debbie Colangelo listed here? I thought.. not in the Top Ten? Ok, it is a big twitter world… Then, not in top 25?? Or even ON THE LIST??
    Dude (yes, DUDE, not DUKE)… look her up and get hip, yo!

  • Thanks for including Danburg Properties. Duke, you’re always #1 on our list…and we know you have to cut through a lot of #2 to get there. We pay close attention to those organizations who are doing it right. We hope that we can gain some new ideas from our fellow list members and that maybe some of you can pick up a few pointers from us.

  • EBWebb

    No. 3? The case of scotch is in the mail.

  • Miriam Lamey

    What about @GlobeStcom ? And our editorial arm @GlobeStLIVE ? We provide commercial real estate news, insight etc. and definitely interact with many of the individuals and companies listed here! Thanks so much for the list – great to see that the industry is really embracing social media!

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