Unauthorized Observations from #Nardigras

New Orleans…well what can be said that has already not been said.

The Hilton nice clean and spacious rooms, friendly staff and great breakfast.  The shuttle drivers were especially friendly and helpful and not just to the “older” ladies.

The conventention center was laid out very well.  They know their convention biz.

Rod Santomassimo’s session was very nicely done, smooth speaker…made a point to get a lot of people involved, made the audience  think and do a little assessment… nice handouts and outline…lots of take aways… almost worth the price of admission by itself.

Commercial Caffeinated Networking Lunch with Eric Boles. Nice stuff good take aways.


Commercial Alliance Red Carpet Reception at Calcasieu……

Hooked up with Brad Nix…he won some kind of tech innovation award…cool!!  We talked CRE and Tech!!

Great discussion with Carl Peterson from E-property Data. Met the CEO too…she is nice…hey people I am not just a “Blogger”

Wow great lunch..met Chere from Nar Commercial she is so nice…Met several commercial peeps David Smythe from Charleston. Peeps from Little Rock, Arkansas Monroe La. Salt Lake City Utah.

Hey, some old school doooods with I-pads at the CRE lunch….maybe not so much old school?????

Met @infosam …calling you out….. we need to hook up and talk shop!

Long conversation with www.catylist.com peeps….I cannot get away from the data thing.

Thought…how do the ladies walk  the expo floor in heels???

Bourbon Street….none of your business!

Pilgrimage to Mecca?

Ton of companies with QR code apps pitching….where is CRE???

Commercial Alliance Red Carpet Reception at Calcasieu….WOW the food>>>food porn pics????<<<nah..keep them to myself!

International section….interesting…. I no speak<<<sorry! Probably should look to network with these peeps next time….ya never know!!!

At the cre reception the ladies were dissing(in a friendly way) # The Hoff but, made sure that everyone knew they would still scream for Elvis….old school still rules…he has been dead for like how many years???…the same ladies were just as proud to show me their Mississippi State Cowbell app on their I- phone.

Met the CEO of IREM very interesting convo…I think he is starting to blog??

Little bit of a friendly dust up on the street between two bar patrons…next to the restaurant….peeps let it take it’s course and….all was well in a couple of minutes.

Someone dripping with a fur… at the CRE reception??? PC ?? non PC??? balllsy ????

Line  at starbucks for days….not for me …not part of the #crejavaclub>>>#crebourbonclub…perhaps?

One of the ladies calling me honey and sugar….BTW, Wife is from the DEEP SOUTH…not working on me HONEY!!!

Lunch was of course rubber chicken…with soft drinks and water….hey I was hungry!

Leadership…coaching, football metaphors abound….always try to find something to use….A shout out to Coach Hoep from Indiana University( passed away) from the audience.

All the cab drivers, BIG Saints fans….all hail to Bressus or Cool Brees <<<<(Purdue Alum BTW)… no one ever mentions the Saints D.

Did I mention the walking.

The screaming fat chicks there to see #THE HOFF …you have got to be effin kidding me.

Regis….I poked my head in…decent prez…but I did not hear enough..to make any comment

Sessions…..well, you get out of them what you want. IMHO not everything is the Holy Grail….

In a CRE session and a nice lady turned around and asked “What is CRM”  I told her what is was and she said “I just use outlook” …….I mentioned that  Outlook is not a CRM program. Her response…  “well that’s what we have always used.” No comment from me…she seemed quite pleased with herself.

How much does LSU and Alabama football make off of their swag sales? Is It state law that you have to buy and wear something like twice a week…makes the fashion choices easy I guess.

Lady asked where I was from …I told her …she was like “Ohhh” >>>as in wow ,I am sorry to hear that.

Had lots of fun ,met some great and interesting peeps, great informative sessions,wonderful conversations,had some unbelievable food, guaranteed that my liver will not be on the donor list!  #NardiGras!!!!

Duke Long