Twitter Content for Commercial Real Estate. 10 Simple Tips.

Twitter Content for Commercial Real Estate. 10 Simple Tips

What should I post? What is the right kind of content? What will attract clients to me? How can I be relevant online?  Good questions. I have a few simple suggestions.

1. Numbers Stats.

Come on this is commercial real estate! You love the numbers. Absorption rates, trends, market caps, rates, basis points, composites, indexes, vacancies, RCA CPPI Pricing, qualifiers, housing, industrial, manufacturing, retail consumer and on and on and on. Give them some numbers and……your opinion about them.

2. Employee/Co-worker/ Client Wins.

Who doesn’t want to be recognised? I do. You do and so does everyone else. Sit back for a minute and think. You work with a great team. They do an amazing job. Tell the world. Be positive. Client wins = a no brainer. This is something I see commercial real estate do on Twitter well. We talk nice about our customers. Spread the word and let them know it.

3. Customer Service Issues/Questions.

We are in the customer service business. YES we are. Answer questions about commercial real estate. Think of the simple questions you get every day. Answer them. It’s what your potential clients want to hear. To them you ARE commercial real estate.

4. RT Partners Affiliates and Alliances.

You work with many quality related businesses. You are the core of the commercial real estate world. If you are a broker you create a transaction that puts a lot of people to work. They want to be affiliated with you and you want the same. Who are they? Give them the love. Show them you are paying attention. Let them see that their time and effort is paying off. Hit the RT button. Be careful just don’t be an echo chamber.

5. Personal Stuff.

Ooooo is this a fine line. How much is too much?  My boy Jeff Fredericks is OBSESSED with hockey which is cool and he tweets it a lot. He also has a son in Navy Pilot training which is beyond cool and will get him free drinks for the rest of his life. It’s who he is. Do I care what you are eating? NO. We all tweet it anyway. Your son is eight and you are coaching baseball this year. You are going to post that stuff up. I get it. That’s what makes you interesting. My daughter is a swimmer and sings in the Chorale. Guess what you are going to see from me? Here is a simple hint. You are not a STAR or a Celebrity. You are not THAT interesting. They are NOT either but that’s for another day. You are your unique self. Let me see it. Let your clients see it. Let your next boss see it.

6. Local Community.

It’s your backyard. I want to know that you know what you know about your market.I want to know that you pay attention to it. I also want to know more than just commercial real estate for your market. How connected are you…..really? The endless possibilities. It’s LOCAL. Want to see how it’s done? Follow Nathan Hughes in Richmond Virginia. He knows how to do LOCAL commercial real estate on Twitter. Watch Listen Pay Attention….. Borrow.

7. Events.

We all travel at some point to some kind of event. We meet old friends and new people. We get some new ideas and we have way too much coffee and deserts. Take some pics. Tweet live comments from a session. Promote the hell out of your favorite organisation.  Show me pictures of the golf courses I should be playing (for free.) Tweet about the amazing new tech company you just discovered. Stay away from the chicken. #justsayin

8.  Sometimes you need to bang your own drum.

Your awesome. Your cute. Your amazing. You wore the most gorgeous shoes into work today. Your kicking ass and taking names. Your company is #1. Your networking with the 30 under 30 the 40 under 40 the 50 and who gives a shit and the 60 and we are not dead yet crowd. Tweet it out. It’s Twitter it’s OK……..every now and then.

9. News.

National regional local. The world affects commercial real estate. Russia “shows up” in the Ukraine. Does it affect you? Maybe maybe not. Regional announcement about a statewide job initiative. Does it affect you? Probably in some way and for the good. Local infrastructure crumbling. Not good for you or anybody for that matter. Post it comment on it. Opine.

10.  Ask Questions.

What do you need to know today about your business? A stat a project an individual ………..just ASK. Twitter will provide from the sublime to the mundane. It’s all out there and it’s all free….with no filter.

These are just a few content ideas for commercial real estate.

Opinion thoughts comments and ideas are always appreciated.

Oh and……

+1. Say Thank You.

Just say it!







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Duke Long

  • BobSchecter

    People think that having a website gives them some “presence” on the internet, but of course, that’s not true. Engaging is what puts you out there, and your Twitter primer is a start Duke. Don’t forget to use the “#” in order to have your #thoughts trend along with other peoples #thoughts.

    • REA ™

      Hey, Bob

  • abuchanan

    Very well said and simple! I have seen too many posts about Twitter protocol…very few about what to tweet…until now. Thanks and I hope you are well…and thawing.

    • REA ™

      What did I miss ? #Missingout

      • abuchanan

        Duke was experimenting with cryogenics…AKA, living in the Midwest…

        • REA ™

          #8 cracks me up !!

          • abuchanan

            #6…just sayin

          • REA ™

            I wish I could RT my own tweets, ugh .

  • Great list of ideas, just wish more #CRE folks would use Twitter and maybe this list will help get them tweeting.

    • REA ™

      Hi, Linda

  • Girish

    Hi duke this girish here again from its a great to see another useful blog post from your end and its helping me change my self to some extent.

    • Duke Long

      Thank you.