Tuesday Traffic Tips. Featuring Allen Buchanan.

Tuesday Traffic Tips. Featuring Allen Buchanan.

Tuesday Traffic Tips.

The backstory: I met Allen a thousand years ago primarily because of my writing and social media. We have emailed messaged tweeted talked on the phone and met in person several times most recently a week or two ago in the OC. Allen was and is certainly one of the pioneers of the “online cre scene.” He is unabashedly focused on his specific niche of industrial real estate in one of the major markets in the world. He is open and always willing to try new things and do whatever it takes to create a better commercial real estate experience for his clients. I’ve written this and said this many times. He is the standard for which I hold many of the brokers I meet.

You may or may not have noticed one of the things he’s doing to help educate his “audience” is his Tuesday Traffic Tips. Basically, he sits in his car every week on Tuesday and records a commercial real estate tip of some sort. Simple straight forward less than two minutes of great insight and commercial real estate experience. He has been doing this for over two years. Now that’s a commitment to marketing. Below I have hand-picked a few of my favorites. Take a few minutes of your time and watch how to take a simple idea and create personal professional engaging commercial real estate content. BTW the sunglasses thing he stole from me! Seriously!


+1 If you watched them all and made it this far….thank you!

+1+1 Allen sends me pics of his gorgeous grandson. Gives me the feels.

Duke Long


  • Allen is awesome and we are so proud to see our great friend given such a cool shout out! Good job Duke and I know it so deserved. Allen works so hard and is so consistent and delivers such great content. Thanks so much for giving him this wonderful exposure! We even made him a TTT logo over here at tBL!! Again, thanks for this great recognition!

  • “Worst cold call question EVER”…I was screaming “How are you doing?” before pushing play. Really great videos, thanks for all the great content Allen!