Top 23 commercial real estate blogs.

Just a nice little list of interesting commercial real estate sources.  There is no defined order,no specific agenda or intent.   Nobody was left off on purpose or put on because they kissed up to me.  I just thought that someone might find something of interest or value to help their business.  Each blog takes some time, effort and thought to put together.  Thought I would give them a little love.  Are there any other blogs that you read and think the commercial market might find interesting or valuable?  Please, post them up!

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Duke Long

  • Thx Duke, I appreciate you!

  • some great RSS feeds to satisfy my #CRE hungers!

    • :):) you need to show me some more !!!

  • Mona

    Nice list Duke! Thanks for sharing.

  • David Stejkowski

    As always, many thanks Duke! A couple of these were not on my radar before but they are now.,

  • First time I’ve seen a commercial list, need to add these to my bloglines account

  • Chris Fyvie

    You forgot my site –

    Thanks for the post Duke!

  • Please add my new site to your list —

    Loved the list — great job and thanks for helping all of us connect.

    • Elizabeth,
      Will do, nice content in your blog……and welcome to the jungle.

  • Would you please add mine int he list.

  • gracias amigo

  • Hi Duke,

    Good idea. Please consider CRE PM/FM folks in your mix! The focus of this blog is PM/FM efficiency, technology, automation and just being a better PM/FM in general. Also, consider our group PFMI on LinkedIn too! We are nearing 2,000 members so we have some great people from around the world to collaborate with. My other site is which is geared towards spreading the word and networking with the greening people who can help you green the top of your building, along withe a database of rooftop gardens from around the world to share information with!


    ManagerLabs –

    PFMI Group –

    RoofTopGarden –

  • Hey Duke-
    Thanks for keeping everyone in the connection game…And for those with NNN lease on their radar…

  • Scott

    As always, I enjoy reading what you have to say. For those who follow you and may be interested in commercial real estate operations, please consider our blog as well…

  • Duke:

    I’d hope you’d include the “CRE3 Forum” in future lists.

    Larry Simpson

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  • Missed my blog too. Focus is on Office Space
    A few recent posts
    National Office Space Update & Office Tenant Strategies PodCast
    Executive Office Suite or Coworking Office Space?
    Reports: Office Rental Rates to Rise This Year
    Bunk Desks: New Trend in Office Space Furniture?
    Report: Office Rental Markets Improving

  • Chuck

    Also, check out which offers some interesting insights into the suburban Chicago market

  • Mine’s all about Tampa Area CRE ….I think you have commented on it before. We <3 comments! Come back soon!

  • is a parked domain with no content, just a basic ad page (as of 7/11/11 anyway).

    • That’s why I updated the list to 77.

  • dennis douglas

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