Top 10 Of 2012 Plus 5 That You May Have Missed.

Top 10 Of 2012 Plus 5 That You May Have Missed.

Ok Ok Ok I know I said I would not do any end of the year lists. I have been asked by several nice people to do some sort of recap or what I think will happen next year type of thing. Well, uh no I think not. Hopefully you will find some value in the following links and possibly bookmark for future reference.

So here they are.

1. Updated: 2012 Top 57 Commercial Real Estate Blogs You Must Read!

2. New Fresh and Updated: Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People.

3. Updated: 2012 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.

4. 5 Categories of Commercial Real Estate Mobile Apps.

5. Top 12 Must Have Mobil Apps for Commercial Real Estate.

6. Motionloft. Real World Traffic Analytics For Commercial Real Estate.

7. Updated: Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn.

8. “It’s All About Relationships In Commercial Real Estate.” That’s Bullshit!

9. Open Letter To The CEO Of Xceligent. You think you know but you really don’t know.

10. 10 Ways Old School Commercial Real Estate Is Still Kicking Ass.


And 5 you may have missed.

1. 5 Sleaziest Things In Commercial Real Estate And What They Say About You And Commercial Real Estate.

2. Organisational Commercial Real Estate and Social Media.

3. Commercial Real Estate and PORN!

4. What Is You Better Find Out!

5. My Mom is on Facebook. Which is AWESOME for me!



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