Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017 Plus 5 You May Have Missed.

Yes, every year it happens. I sit down and say to myself “do not do it.”

I just can’t help myself so here it is.

1.) 10 Reasons You Will NEVER Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker. (This should be a site by itself!)

2.) Duke Long’s Updated 2017 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn. 

3.) Duke Long’s Updated: 2017 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.

4.) Duke Long’s Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People 2017. 

5.) OMFG!! YOU MUST WATCH THIS! It’s #CRE #Marketing #Gold!

6.) Duke Long’s Updated: 2017 Top 50 Commercial Real Estate Blogs You Must Read. 

7.) Commercial Real Estate Broker Splits. Stealing From The Rich To Get Rich.

8.) The 15 BIG Questions You Must Answer About Commercial Real Estate And Your Data!

9.) How to Succeed as a Commercial Real Estate Agent – Get More Leads! Guest Post Andrew Bermudez.

10.) 10 ‘Signals’ Of Fundamental Change In Real Estate. Guest Post: Antony Slumbers.


5 You May Have Missed.

1.) What Are The Dominant #CRE Platforms? What Do They Really Provide?

2.) What’s The Incentive For Commercial Real Estate Blockchain Adoption?

3.) Smart Contracts. The One Simple Step That Kills The DarkStar Forever.

4.) Breaking Records And Taking F*cking Names. Caution: This Is Explicit Language. Hide The Kittens. (Especially proud of this one. It’s me all me and only me. The f-bomb record still intact.)

5.) ”Allowing Connected Computers To Reach Agreement On Shared Data.” The Phrase That Changed Commercial Real Estate Forever! 


+1 The good shit never goes out of style. 10 Ways Old School Commercial Real Estate Is Still Kicking Ass.



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