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Top 10 2013 Plus 3 You May Have Missed.


Yes, I know I say it every year and I do it anyway. There must be a law or something. Here it is the end of the year Top 10 most read list.

1. 2013 Top 60 Commercial Real Estate Blogs You Must Read.

2. 2013 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn.

3. 2013 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.

4. The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs?

5. Self Serve Commercial Real Estate. This Cannot Be Happening.

6. Commercial Real Estate: The Dirty Secret.

7. I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Anymore.

8. 5 Commercial Real Estate LinkedIn Groups You Must Follow.

9. Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People. 2013.

10. 10 Ways Old School Commercial Real Estate Is Still Kicking Ass.


And 3 you may have missed.

1. The Online Search Battle For Commercial Real Estate. It’s Not What You Think It Is.

2. “It’s All About Relationships In Commercial Real Estate.” That’s Bullshit!

3.  Who Does The Commercial Real Estate Heavy Lifting?



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  • You are your own search engine. Thanks for all the heavy lifting and enjoy your holidays!

  • #10 on your list is #1 in my book. I’ve got a copy pinned next to my desk