They Say That Video Content Is Exploding For #CRE. I Would Have To Agree.

Youtube and #CRE, for the most part along with the history of #CRE and video, has been well, not so good.

Let’s be honest, how many flybys and drone angles can you get for a 200,000 sq ft warehouse?

I’m sure the drone pilot has some fun but then again it is just a warehouse.

Now, that was pretty much the past and unfortunately part the present for some of #CRE.

BUT, it’s changing and changing for the better. #CRE has some very sharp and savvy people so…

Since we are talking about video why don’t I just show you!


Are they spectacular, are they cutting edge? Hmm, maybe they are getting there.

I went through my own video phase a few years back.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

But I do like where #CRE is and where it’s going.

Any channels I might be missing? Send me a link.

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