The WeWork Pitch Deck Or How To Simply Raise A Few Billion Dollars!

I get sent many pitch decks and am always asked to comment on how to make any part of the deck better.

I thought I would showcase and comment on WeWorks pitch deck since it’s a great example of how to raise BILLIONS.

-Scrolling past the usual logo and the very first slide says what? Here’s who we are here’s the money we are making and here are the markets we are in and here’s how fast we are growing. All on slide 1. Ok, that’s how to get someone’s undivided attention. Slide 1 Do It!

-The next slide is titled what ” Space As A Service.” You hear that all the time now right? This was 2014, how often did you hear it back then. Almost NEVER. They had it figured out. It’s called the first mover status, more on that later.

-The next slide tells you what? Who they are targeting. Millennials and why they are targeting them and more importantly they do it in a simple graphical way. They define the why and that why is Values.

-Continuing they emphasize the why and the value by defining community as in social, physical and that word again sharing as in the sharing economy. Think back to 2014. Sharing was the buzzword for the economy.

-In the next slide, they address all work and why they think it was and is about to shift greatly. By their definition, the market is changing and they are ready for it.

-They have created an ecosystem, a WeWork ecosystem to address that market. They already have a solution.

-And they called it The WeWork Effect. Yes, just like the Uber Effect, remember it’s 2014.

-This new ecosystem will be powered by technology. WeWork proprietary LAYERED technology.

-And since they have made a case for an entire ecosystem to address along with a huge developing market they place themselves where? As The First Mover with what? Critical Mass. They are first and they have all the juice. I love that!

-In the next slide, they tell you what. WeWork has a PROFITABLE business model. WeWork makes MONEY. How’s that for a business model. No BS, we just know how to make money.

-The next two slides address the rapid and expanding marketplace. This, in my opinion, could have been left out but Hey, it’s their deck.

-Now we address The Value Proposition. Simply stated in case you have not figured it out by this point. And that value prop is? We have figured out how to do this and save tenants money. Not cost more but SAVE money.

-They go on to define what we all know now as Value Added Tenancy. How brilliant is that? Had you even heard that term before? Maybe you had but as a core value prop? I doubt it!

-The next slide tells you who their partners are. In other words, we already know how to do business with THE BIGGEST companies in real estate. Today, right now, not maybe we can get to them someday.

-The next 5 slides address the pipeline of customers how much money they make from each and how they do it. Oh, BTW it’s an entirely MOBILE experience. Think again back to 2014. They were all in on MOBILE.

-The next 3 slides address community and the services that community wants and how WeWork will add on to and provide for that community. Oh, and how much money they will make doing it projected out. Looks to me like they hit those numbers and then some.

-Now the next slides start to address offering services beyond physical members, which I think is brilliant BUT they go into a WeLive pitch. I have to admit I am not a fan BUT maybe it’s still too early even four years later to say that’s not a completely brilliant idea. Simply put they are saying the will become a service provider to a tenant and now they will become a service provider for each individual whether they are at work or at home. Think about it. They have you and will provide services from the minute you wake it until the minute you go back to sleep. Now that’s thinking BIG!

Overall it’s a lot longer than some of the decks I usually see but almost every slide nails it down hard.


And they were right.

This ladies and gentlemen is The WeWork Pitch Deck Or How To Simply Raise A Few Billion Dollars!


+1 How many companies had similar ideas?

+1+1 What were all the brokerages doing in 2014? How about now? “They have you and will provide services from the minute you wake it until the minute you go back to sleep.”  That’s called market share!



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