The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs?

The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs?

The big question.

This is without a doubt the question I am asked the most. “Hey Duke which CRM program are you using or would recommend?” My answer is usually “depends” and then a conversation ensues.

Now the idea behind this article is to highlight the five CRM programs that I think are the best for commercial real estate.

Now before it even get’s started these are MY FIVE they may not be your five.

So to help push the conversation even further it would serve everyone who has an opinion about MY FIVE to not only opine but state their experiences with each of these products.

Let’s push this even further. It would be fantastic to see what other CRM programs are being used. So please post those up with links and throw in some comments. If you are a rep for a CRM company jump right in and pitch until your heart’s content. Here is a big wide free commercial real estate platform with thousands and thousands of readers and potential customers.


1. Salesforce.

Do I even need to make any comments? It is THE platform for CRM. Yes I, know Oracle and a few others are in the mix but it’s Salesforce. Google is to search what Salesforce is to CRM.

2. REA Real Estate Assistant.

I first started using REA like way back in the floppy disc era. I was maybe 10 years old. ūüôā Seriously. REA has been in the commercial real estate game for 30 plus years. They have it down to a science. Hard not to put REA number one.


Michael Griffin is a “seasoned” product developer of CRE tech products. With Clientlook he has created a simple easy¬†cloudbased mobile CRM just for commercial real estate with some beautiful tutorial videos.

4. APTO.

Aptotude bursting on the commercial real estate scene from Houston. I not sure if they want to be called a start-up or not but with such a great product gaining incredible traction who cares what your company is called. I met them at ICSC in Las Vegas. I’m the pretty one in the middle. Great people wonderful attitude hard-working and pure professionals.apto














5. Insightly.

Yes I know it’s not “specifically” for commercial real estate. It does do a great job of integrating with Google Apps so that is one of the reasons it made the list. They do have 300,000 users in 100 countries they must be doing something right.

So there it is. MY FIVE.

I didn’t dig to deep. I didn’t really need to.

There are some very smart and brilliant people in commercial real estate. I know they already have.

The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs?

Your thoughts opinions and comments are always appreciated.

Duke Long