The Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People

Oh yes another list. This one is pretty serious. How do you get to be one of “the most influential” people in commercial real estate? What are or should be the criteria.  Simple… hard ass work!  Here they are in order!

1. Coy Davidson: Houston Texas. The Tenant Advisor at Colliers. Find me someone more influential online in CRE. I dare you! Killer content,stats,interaction,opinions,cre news aggregation,sharing, multi-platform, brand building. Oh yea and he even has a blog just for CRE and Social Media. The man is a machine.Type- A maybe, but using whatever tools online and off to create a deal.

2Bob Schecter: Fort Lauderdale. Founder at DMI Co -creator of the hugely popular CREPIG group. Multi- LinkedIN group creator. Podcasting,blogging, commenting,opinions cre community builder,videos, panels,interviewer and funny as hell.

3. Joe Stampone: New York. Blog  A student of the real estate game . His own LinkedIN group. The kid is not even out of school yet and makes the list!  Killer blog with all the toys . Really digging into cre and showing the way the way it can and will be for the next generation!  Hear the footsteps??….here they come!

4. John Reeder: So Cal  Sperry Van Ness Great site that I go to almost everyday. The twitter cre news feed is addicting. Blessed with the ability to write and communicate the real cre stuff, and I mean Blessed!

5. Dave Lewand:  Chicago.CRE property marketer creGROW founder and wordpress god( with a little g.)  His LinkedIn profile should be a template for all of us. Knows the meaning of shoe leather from back in the day and is quietly taking over the world one cre website at a time.

6. Patrick Braswell: Atlanta. MOS Atlanta  Best CRE blog ever? Jumping from the big boys to a “boutique” because the tools are already out there. Influential because he just knows how to do it!

7. Justin Bedecarre’: San Francisco. Young hitter at Cushman Wakefield .Outstanding “localized” blog at with stats market info and plenty of opinion. Based in the tech heavy San Fran area and clearly watching the edge of tech and cre business.

8. Jean Maday: Chicago ” The Godmother”  Marketing Manager for NAR Commercial Blogging at If you want or need to meet or connect with anyone in cre online or off. She is it!

9 David Jacobs: Phildelphia  The Llenrock Group Cre advisory and investment banking company. Blogging at The Llenrock Blog If you own a brokerage/investment/asset/management/etc. company or group pay attention, this is how to do content. Why else did they make the list?  They are from Philly ..I was afraid to leave them off!

10David Bodamer:  New York  Retail Traffic Dominating the online retail content space. Moving pushing and engaging retail real estate ,online in person and writing his behind off. Retail hardcore!

This is the list. Disagree? Don’t care!  Have a top 10 of your own …post it up! Have different criteria…let me know. Thoughts and comments always appreciated.

Duke Long