The Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People

Oh yes another list. This one is pretty serious. How do you get to be one of “the most influential” people in commercial real estate? What are or should be the criteria.  Simple… hard ass work!  Here they are in order!

1. Coy Davidson: Houston Texas. The Tenant Advisor at Colliers. Find me someone more influential online in CRE. I dare you! Killer content,stats,interaction,opinions,cre news aggregation,sharing, multi-platform, brand building. Oh yea and he even has a blog just for CRE and Social Media. The man is a machine.Type- A maybe, but using whatever tools online and off to create a deal.

2Bob Schecter: Fort Lauderdale. Founder at DMI Co -creator of the hugely popular CREPIG group. Multi- LinkedIN group creator. Podcasting,blogging, commenting,opinions cre community builder,videos, panels,interviewer and funny as hell.

3. Joe Stampone: New York. Blog  A student of the real estate game . His own LinkedIN group. The kid is not even out of school yet and makes the list!  Killer blog with all the toys . Really digging into cre and showing the way the way it can and will be for the next generation!  Hear the footsteps??….here they come!

4. John Reeder: So Cal  Sperry Van Ness Great site that I go to almost everyday. The twitter cre news feed is addicting. Blessed with the ability to write and communicate the real cre stuff, and I mean Blessed!

5. Dave Lewand:  Chicago.CRE property marketer creGROW founder and wordpress god( with a little g.)  His LinkedIn profile should be a template for all of us. Knows the meaning of shoe leather from back in the day and is quietly taking over the world one cre website at a time.

6. Patrick Braswell: Atlanta. MOS Atlanta  Best CRE blog ever? Jumping from the big boys to a “boutique” because the tools are already out there. Influential because he just knows how to do it!

7. Justin Bedecarre’: San Francisco. Young hitter at Cushman Wakefield .Outstanding “localized” blog at with stats market info and plenty of opinion. Based in the tech heavy San Fran area and clearly watching the edge of tech and cre business.

8. Jean Maday: Chicago ” The Godmother”  Marketing Manager for NAR Commercial Blogging at If you want or need to meet or connect with anyone in cre online or off. She is it!

9 David Jacobs: Phildelphia  The Llenrock Group Cre advisory and investment banking company. Blogging at The Llenrock Blog If you own a brokerage/investment/asset/management/etc. company or group pay attention, this is how to do content. Why else did they make the list?  They are from Philly ..I was afraid to leave them off!

10David Bodamer:  New York  Retail Traffic Dominating the online retail content space. Moving pushing and engaging retail real estate ,online in person and writing his behind off. Retail hardcore!

This is the list. Disagree? Don’t care!  Have a top 10 of your own …post it up! Have different criteria…let me know. Thoughts and comments always appreciated.

Duke Long


  • Duke, this is a great list. Being fairly new in the game I must say that I feel like a don’t deserve to be part of it. But thank you for including me!

    I think it shows a number of things: First, that CRE is beginning to embrace social media and understand the power it has to grow your brand.

    But it also shows that someone with virtually no real estate experience can start a blog, hustle, and tap into a rich network of real estate professionals.

    Social media can be extremely powerful if used correctly – as a tool to leverage other aspects of your brand and work.

    I look forward to continuing the discussion.

  • Duke,

    You failed to mention a few other top CRE social media engagers to your list.

    1. @JasonSandquist – You and I both how hard he works and influnencial he is.

    2. @BenjaminBach – He may live in Canada but his voice is still strong in the US.

    3. @StevenLadin- He may have moved on from his direct role within CRE, but that guy has still has what it takes to capture the essence of innovation from the CRE industry.

    4. @DukeLong- Blunt yet inspirationally engaging.

  • Duke,

    I have created a strategic alliance with several other firm here in NJ, and we have created a website with links back to each respective member’s website. The website I gave you provides each member with their own blog page and I think you may find it interesting.

    Happy Holidays.


    • Darren,
      Very interesting. I like the idea of bringing all the “other” types if CRE businesses to the table. Giving them a blog or “voice” on the site is brilliant. Keep me updated on your progress……. interested to see how this evolves.

  • Duke hi and thanks for writing about this hot topic of influence.

    I also like what most these folks write. However I am afraid there’s no single or simple answer to “who are the most influential online CRE professionals.”

    We learned in our last 2.5 years of CREOpoint (100,000+ visitors, 13 languages, members from 50 countries and 20 professions, 2,000 forums) that CRE is too broad as influencers vary for each and every topic, market and company.

    It’s important to identify the sources that carry the most influence for each organization and target community. For example none of the above professionals would compare in influence level with in the UK or with regarding green buildings in the New York area or!/realdonaldtrump for you know what.

    Allocation of time and resources is a challenge for many CRE organization as they get serious about social media. As you know we have therefore developed a quantitative way to rank each source by channel (e.g., Twitter, YouTube, Blogs) and level of influence for each topic (e.g. distressed assets in CA, green buildings in Germany).

    Many of you have asked me for updates. I’m happy to share that industry leaders like BNP Paribas Real Estate, Cassidy Turley, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, GE Capital Real Estate and Real Capital Analytics are now clients of our proprietary influence algorithm CREObuzz™. They each picked 1-5 specific topics of interest which will remain confidential but I can tell you no one looked at CRE in general.

    Our algorithm then uniquely took into account the blog rolls and direct links within the 10,000+ comprehensive and relevant CRE sources in English that we took months to identify in press feeds, websites, all the above blogs and Twitter accounts you identified, Google Buzz, Yahoo forums, LinkedIn answers and network updates, FaceBook Fan Pages and group walls, YouTube, Digg and CREOpoint. 10,000 CRE-relevant sources does show that CRE has embraced social media, I agree with Joe!

    Influencers gain their power from how frequently they post on a specific topic of interest, the number and quality of people who link to their posts, the number of people gathering to comment and how engaged visitors to their posts become.

    Our proprietary rankings help our clients save time by telling their story and engaging with key influencers after we have given them insights about what matters to them. They can then:

    1. Tune in to conversations that are about the kinds of issues and challenges their service is aimed at solving
    2. See how influential their own corporate website, blog or twitter handle are Vs. their competitors
    3. Identify opinion leaders who talk more about their competitors than about our clients and reach out to them to correct the problem
    4. Connect with influencers as advocates or to understand why they currently hold a negative view
    5. Improve what is being said about them among opinion leaders and use some of these words for search engine optimization
    6. Use the web to humanize their business using transparency, honesty, and genuine relationships with key influencers (which can only be done for specific topics)

    If this group is interested in comparing notes about influence and how to optimize their online efforts in 2011, maybe you could organize an online conference call and use some of the contents for your podcasts?

    Hope that helps Duke.

    Enjoy your weekend, JC

  • Duke: I would certainly put you on this list and close to the top. From what I can see, you are beginning to master the art of video and commercial real estate. You are now providing compelling content in an organized and well produced fashion. I really like the way that you are beginning to effectively add mix the video with your content. It doesn’t make any difference whether I agree with you or not, it is building your brand.