The Symbiotic Relationship Between WeWork, Brokers, and Enterprise By: Julia Davis.

Due to changing global consumption patterns, the way people work and live is undergoing a fundamental shift — specifically the structures of community, urbanization, and sharing. In response, WeWork has found itself at the forefront of this evolution, offering companies of all sizes the opportunity to redefine employee experience and productivity through vibrant design, engaging community, technology and enhanced benefits for all.

Large organizations, or Enterprise members, have caught onto the changing needs and work styles of their employees, and are looking for solutions that provide workspace, as well as addressing people, culture, organizational strategy, and financial operations needs. In response, these companies are choosing WeWork to help build a modern work environment that is redefining their employee experience.

WeWork’s newest product iteration, Powered by We, was born from this idea, as it integrates WeWork’s knowledge and technology stack with members’ unique culture and community needs. Powered by We is an operating system that brings the design, technology, hospitality and community culture of WeWork to the member company. WeWork is deconstructing the components of WeWork Off the Shelf and bringing it to members’ four walls.

WeWork understands that many Enterprise companies are represented by brokers and commercial real estate firms. WeWork is focused on building relationships with the brokers who work with mid-market and Enterprise clients. The WeWork Broker Partnership Program was created to incentivize brokers to introduce their clients to WeWork to help grow the WeWork global community.

Brokers can introduce a client, own the relationship and be compensated regardless of how involved they are throughout the process.

WeWork is currently providing an increased broker compensation in North America through the end of the year. For new member agreements of 20 desks or less, brokers can earn 15% of their client’s gross membership fee for up to 12 months, paid up front. For agreements with 21 desks or more, brokers earn 20% of the client’s gross membership fee for up to 12 months, paid up front.

Additionally, WeWork pays brokers on client-member renewals and expansions. Our goal is to be great partners to the brokerage community by building and nurturing relationships and offering solutions to our real estate partners and their clients, our members.

Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann founded WeWork with the mission to create modern, shared spaces with an unmatched community experience. Over the past seven years, the company has expanded to 172 locations in 56 cities and 18 countries to create an unrivaled global network and community of over 150,000+ members.

The Symbiotic Relationship between WeWork, Brokers, and Enterprise
By: Julia Davis VP, Global Head of Broker & Real Estate Partnerships at WeWork.



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