The Secret Weapon of #CRE Marketing. Guest post by Kevin Wittig

Hidden in plain sight lies one of the most powerful and underutilized tools in commercial real estate marketing: Google Earth Pro. The software possesses all the easy-to-use features of Google Earth, but is enhanced to include high resolution satellite imagery, 3D building measurement gadgets, traffic count information, county assessor parcel data and the ability to record HD movies.

Duke Long Blog New York City Google Earth Hi Resolution Image

Google Earth Pro previously commanded a $400/year subscription. Now it is free. Simply grab a free key and download Earth Pro to unlock a wealth of commercial real estate visualization tools.

At Madison Partners (the firm at which I contribute for web, social, content marketing, photo, drone, video and GIS services) we utilize Google Earth Pro to develop client presentations that provide in-depth geospatial awareness for investment sales and leasing opportunities. The company boardroom comes to life during client meetings through interactive tours of Southern California commercial real estate incorporating Google Earth Pro. With a little practice, yours will too.

Not a GIS specialist? No worries! With some basic tutorials, you’ll be on your way to the magical world of KML and Google Earth design. To help jumpstart your training, watch the video below and learn how to save a print quality high resolution satellite image.

Questions about Google Earth Pro or a project you’d like some help with? Contact me on Twitter at @KevinSWittig or get in touch on LinkedIn. All the best! -Kevin Wittig

Duke Long