The Secret Sauce of the #CRETech Scene……Kinda!

The Secret Sauce of the #CRETech Scene……Kinda!

Thousands of metaphors.

They beget thousands of metaphors or at least the appearance of a metaphor.

So for fun and a dose of reality I’m not going to use any to explain the #CRETech scene as I see it.

How about the RAW and UNEDITED version?

You know that’s what you want. The dirt. The nasty shit. The reason to sit back and just scoff.

I feel the page quickly scrolling as I write.

” Did that prick use my actual name?”

Don’t worry you vain, self-centered ass. You’re not important enough to warrant a mention.

Besides if it doesn’t have WSJ next to the byline you could care the fuck less.

( Wait, maybe I could vaguely disguise some people behind a mask of……..Nah!)

I do now have your attention.

There is of course with any “scene” that involves human beings a certain underbelly of “behavior.”

Now, why would anyone want to know who is screwing who’s HR person?

Let alone who is suing who and who got hammered and totally gave away all of the inside VC information to another company.

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I can’t imagine it’s of any interest why the fiance of a well know CEO is staying in a hotel in another city with ………

Alright, that’s enough of that. None of that stuff is true as far as you know.

Is this where we are? Is this who we are?

Why worry about the words ass vagina rack and penis when they are spoken out loud at dinner in public?

Not one of those words came out of my mouth. (Back me up on this Kevin)

We are all educated mature, reasonable professional adults.

WSJ: <<<<<I’m just putting that there to make this seem more “professional.” They are just random letters after all.

Here let me do it again>>>>> WSJ. It makes everything seem so much more REAL.


I’ve invented them. #CRE oh hell yes I did. Search that shit. Now that’s important.

#CREJavaClub #CREBadass #DarkStar #BallsOutCRE

#BrokersWithoutBalls ……. now that one is pure gold and came from a nice mother of 3.

#CRETech…I mostly started this one…with some help.

#Starfucker…Ok, I did not invent that one. It’s an inside joke. I need to stop for a second. I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe, and the tears in my eyes are dripping. #Starfucker……there I said it again……too much…too much!

This one is pure me and the stories behind it are priceless. Ask me personally and I will tell you sometime.



A bit of serious if that’s at all possible.

Of course, I’m having some fun with this.

There is a serious and important side to the #CRETech scene.

#Booze and #Mantouching.

#Dammit I can’t stop.

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The willingness to help, truly help.

A simple example. I’m on the phone with a well-funded CEO, and he mentions a meeting he had with a young and hungry wannabe CEO. He said,” Hey I love this guy. I love his idea, and I think this is a great product. I’m going to introduce him to all of my investors and see if I can get him into an incubator to jump start his company.”

My response was ” you think it’s that good are you sure?”

“Yes it’s going to be that good and I think they can do some great things.”

That company today has 40+ people and $$$ millions in the bank.

There are also emails and more emails. Phone calls and “soft intros” which is something I do almost every day.

Let me step back to the phone calls and add in demos.

I get an invite and email from company X. We hop on GoToMeeting, and they show me what they have. I take notes. Lots of notes. I ask them as many questions as I can think of. I ask them who they know. I ask them who they think are their natural partners. They tell me what their toughest hurdle is, and they also tell me some bullshit and I let them know it’s bullshit. (For fucks sake you are not the only human being on the earth with a computer and an idea) We laugh we talk some trash we joke we get very serious. I help them get some free pub, and I also connect them up. I connect them with people who will help them GROW their company.

I send out an email DM text carrier pigeon question to my boys Nick Brandon Ryan Jason Richard Matt Vijay David Craig Josh and any other name I could drop. They have NEVER NOT hit me right back. You know why?

They are HELPING. HELPING everyone they can. They are helping me. They are helping me help them. They needed it when they started. They still need it in some way.

They also show up and meet people Face to Face. Remember that old school technique? Face to Face.

The very first time I met Nick (VTS) and Micheal (CompStak) we were in Phoenix at a Colliers regional brokerage event about a thousand years ago. How many potential customers were there? Answer: More than 1. So that made it worth the effort. More than 1. How many Colliers brokers do you think use those services now? It sure as hell is more than 1.

Time Effort and Hugs.

This all started for me way back in the day with an email and a meeting. I sat in the Starbucks next to the NAR building on Michigan Ave. Jason the CEO of 42Floors had reached out and suggested we meet and made a special stop in Chicago on his way to New York. He pitched me on the 42Floors idea and let me look at wireframes. Now for those techy people you may be thinking “what?” Yes, wireframes and I told Jason it looked spectacular. And a friendship was born.

Yes, there was a “scene” before that BUT it started to steamroll after that. If you announce that you have raised 18-20 million dollars in a year or so people notice. They also step back and say “hey I have something here the world needs” and they go raise millions on their own…..kinda.

Of all the companies and people, I have mentioned they to a person would admit and proudly so that they have benefited from some other person or company in #CRETech helping them connect push forward learn and compete.

They all take the time.

They all make a concerted effort.

They are quick to tell you ” the people and team at company X are amazing, and I want to help them in any way I can.”

So that’s The Secret Sauce of the #CRETech Scene……Kinda!


+1 Nick texted me a pic of his beautiful wife and gorgeous new baby the day it was born.

+1a I think I got what you young people call the feels.

That’s The Real Secret Sauce.













Duke Long

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  • Duke, thanks for this post. I haven’t laughed and been circumspect (I think that’s the word) after reading this post. I took away from this post the following two things: “Don’t be an arrogant prick ’cause people will both see and remember you for that trait”; and “Be honest and give a damn about people.”

    As a practicing atty, I’ve been guilty of the first countless times. As to the second, I do attempt to live up to this steep but attainable goal. As someone who is new to this game, I hear you telling us, “Work hard- incredibly hard, don’t lie, don’t be a_ _ hole (Pat, I’d like an “S” please) learn, be tenacious and the rest will fall into place.”

    Until you tell me otherwise, that’s what I’ll believe. And I’ll keep reading your blog. Thanks Duke.

    Best rgs,