The Rolling Stones and Commercial Real Estate?

The Rolling Stones and Commercial Real Estate?

OK,I am not that crazy or am I that old but hear me out. Mick, Keith and the boys have got to be doing (4 of the Top 10 grossing concert tours ever) a lot of things right.

Let’s say you are a long time hitter in your firm and to be honest it has been a while since you hit some big numbers. A certain set of young brash nasty pain in the ass upstarts are threatening to push you aside with some attitude and fresh ideas. What should you do?

Get busted for heroin and seek a tax shelter in Monaco? Uh, NO but you may want to come out throwing some punches and waving your middle finger just to make sure you have their attention. Think back to the days when the Stones were maybe not so hot like the late seventies early eighties. Punk was big and disco ruled. Hell even Mick was famous for hitting Studio 54. So what did they do? Hit the studio and crank out one of the top 500 albums of all time.

1.Show the punks how it’s really done.

The Stones staring right into the face of Punk came out swinging and reminded the little snarling shits who the original punks of rock and roll were. Think back just a little bit to the days when you had more attitude and balls than these little punks will ever have. Think the street. Think shoe leather. Think about your God given talent.

2. This tech stuff is simple shit really.

Disco was all the rage and dominated the charts. So what did the Stones do? Adapt and make it their own and crank out one of their biggest hits ever. How hard is it to use Twitter? How much skill does it take to scroll thru an I-Pad? Just tools baby just tools. What the popular toy’s and boys don’t have is your EXPERIENCE and practiced talent to use them all to make deals. Is it a big risk or time suck? Afraid all you “seasoned” friends will laugh at you for giving in?  You’ve been around long enough to adapt to about anything.Fu*k em.

3. Staying true to your core and still kicking ass!

If you are 25 or so and reading this post believe me your time will come. It may already be here. It’s going to happen. You will get kicked in the ass. For the people with maybe a little “seasoning’ on their careers step back and take a little breath. Think about what got you here in the first place. Adapt create push and stay true to your hardcore. The Stones are still strutting their stuff decades after everyone thought they were GONE…and they are still kicking some ass!

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Duke Long