The Real State of Commercial Real Estate: Danny Rice

The Real State of Commercial Real Estate:Danny Rice Colliers International.

Google + is becoming my favorite little online toy.Why? I can basically talk,chat or interview anyone in the world about commercial real estate. Case in point: Danny Rice the marketing technology administrator for Colliers International in Orlando Florida. Several more are planned and some already recorded. Learning more every day.Enjoy.


Duke Long


  • Just what we need, more talking heads.

    While I like your personal interviews better, no doubt this is the tech that I’m using as well.

    The only issue for a while will be the weakest link in the broadband chain will cause some jumping around of the screens, but it will improve and it’s much cleaner than Skype.

  • So, what ever happened to the old days when I used to walk a 50 story building in Manhattan from top to bottom to get names of people to call and find out what was going on with the tenants? If physical canvassing going out with us dinosaurs?

    • That is still being done, just not as much or as easily. I have attempted it many times and most of the times did not make it beyond the 4th floor before security caught up with me. I find that it is a lot more productive to get on the phone and make many, many phone calls and set up appointments. Even better to have someone you already know introduce you. I remember reading about a New York insurance salesman that every year he would start by calling everyone in the New York phonebook and ask if they want to buy life insurance. If they said yes, he made an appt. As I remember, he did very well.