The Race To Dominate Digital Commercial Real Estate.

The Race To Dominate Digital Commercial Real Estate.

The race to dominate digital commercial real estate is heating up.

You see it here on my site.

You see it in your twitter feed.

You see it in front of your face everyday.

Platforms, apps, dashboards, analytics, visualization, everything mobile.

All of this in front of you to make your “job” easier.

Digital Commercial Real Estate.

Consumer facing platforms like:

Digsy and Crelow blatantly going directly for the user.

Digital analytical platforms like:

VTS and Hightower building AMAZING software for lease analytics.

Realtime building data platforms like:

Reonomy and JLL Blackbird. Wait, don’t remember what Blackbird is?

Yea it’s all that!

Sensor Platforms like:

RobinPowered and Motionloft. What does Mark Cuban know that you don’t?

And just for fun what about:

Wearables and 3D printing.

Think about it. Come on. You’re in #CRE and smart as hell.

How about a 3D printer at a job site. A special part is needed and it would take 2 days and 14 layers of authorization to get. How about you just send the specs to the printer and BOOM the part in front of your face ready to use.

If you don’t get the wearables and retail at the very least then look for a new profession.

Wearables and Sensors = better #CRE data. How about better real-time #CRE data?

What is going to the “The Killer App or Platform?”

Maybe some maybe all.

How about a platform that aggregates all different types of #CRE data?

Hmmmm you know someone is already thinking and working on that.

As the digital real-time #CRE picture becomes even more detailed it will be interesting to see how it will continue and how it will be delivered and on what devices.

Apple Watch anyone?


apple watch3

What I see is this.

This is not only #CRE reacting to better data.

This is #CRE creating more value for the #CRE customer and user by actually creating a measurable set of data.

Just think of the algorithms the patterns the cycles the anticipation and the efficiencies that are being created.

Man+#CRE data = Amazing #CRE

So while there’s a long list of business, cultural, regulatory, liability and privacy challenges standing in the way.

The race to dominate digital commercial real estate is heating up.



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