The Problem You Think You Are Solving Is…

  1. Nothing anyone has ever noticed before and has only been taken seriously by you.
  2. A problem that can only be fixed by you and your brilliant solution.
  3. Worth more than one million dollars (in your bank account) easily.
  4. Right in your back yard and needs no real effort at all beyond sitting in front of your computer.
  5. Easily fixed with just a few million dollars of other peoples money.
  6. Easily understood by you because of your special set of past experiences that have lead you to the only solution.
  7. Why the entire world will recognize your solution as the one and only platform that needs to exist.
  8. Not more complicated than simple coding and product execution.
  9. Nothing that a few people can’t handle globally.
  10. Changing an industry-standard forever.

And you are like “yea, pretty much all of that.”

Or you are smart enough not to acknowledge any of the above publicly because that would be what, showing the world how truly brilliant you are?

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Every statement above is completely the wrong way to solve and or approach a #CRE and #TECH problem, that is, of course, assuming that you by some ridiculous circumstance have understood what that “problem” is.

And to the point…you are not solving any original problem for #CRE that has not been already or is at this very moment being solved many times all over the globe. RIGHT NOW!

If you are used to reading any quality content on the interwebs you know this is that part where I tell and show you step by step what, why, where and how you can fix all of the above.

Guess what, fuck off,

I’m not. I could go on and on, providing the absolute drilled down synopsis of each and every point.

And why not?

It’s time to say NO!

No to the time, effort, and money being WASTED chasing problems and the solutions for those parts of #CRE that don’t exist!

So, why the attitude (I am known for it BTW) all of the sudden?

I’m getting worn out, worn out by the same shit over and over and over.

The same pitches.

The same unrealistic idea of what the market is and what it takes to have any possible semblance of success.

The same raise and hope strategy that is still being perpetuated all over the planet.

Instead, I want this and only this from YOU.

1. Sales, Sales, and Only Sales.

That’s all I care about. How are you doing it now and how will you do it tomorrow and forever.

2. Get to scale, NOW!

What is actual scale? If you don’t know that answer why in the hell are you doing this in the first place? Oh, yea to waste mine and everyone in the business of #CRE’s time.

3. The Value Chain.

Own it, create it, understand what it is and why it’s important or…DIE!

4. What Is Your Company To The World?

All fluff, PR and glam shots along with industry logos…attached to a shitty website my mom could make? Yea, it’s more like that that you think and that’s the problem.

5. Save the BS. Be Honest!

Dinosaurs, old men, ignorant, non-adoptive and just flat out stupid or is it just me that can’t help but hear those words and phrases every day? Sure, treat your customers like what? Shit, and while you’re at it lie about your technology and your company. Who’s going to know and who’s going to care? Not you.

Do it your way, it has to be working, it just has to be.

Don’t remotely try and do any of the suggestions I have, what in the hell do I know anyway?

So, The Problem You Think You Are Solving Is…

The only one you can’t or won’t try and solve, and that problem is?




+1 Who has stood up recently and told you to your face you are fucking it up?

+1+1 No one? Well, let me get in front of the line, you deserve it!







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