The Post Apocalyptic #CRE Marketplace. What If We Don’t?

The Post Apocalyptic #CRE Marketplace. What If We Don’t?

Look at the pic above.

It’s just science fiction to you.

Not a realistic possibility.

“Wow, this guy is going out of bounds.” Is that what you are thinking?

Post Apocalyptic by definition: predicting or presaging imminent disaster and total or universal destruction. Source:

I know you are smart. I say it again and again.

So, out loud what do you think the #CRE marketplace will look like in let’s say three, five, ten years?

That answer, in my opinion, will vary greatly depending on one simple factor today.


If you are 50+ you have probably clicked off. Why waste your time reading this useless bullshit?

You have been and in your mind always will be the dominant generation.

You are the market and not one fucking thing has or will happen to change that. EVER.

If you are let’s say in a different age bracket you might have a different point of view. Why?

Becuase it’s your reality. You are now and will become that dominate generation. (Did you notice I said “are now.”)

In three five or ten years from now, you will be thirty-three thirty-eight forty-five fifty-two years old…and DOMINANT.

But, we need you NOW!

#CRE can’t wait!

Now is your chance.

I’m calling you out.

It’s time to not only step up but out and start to lead.

Lead like there are no rules.

Lead like you have to save and change the world or else.

Or else it may die.

It obvious it’s dying now and who holds the strings?

Whoever, it is they are going to burn it to the ground.

And do it out of pure ignorance.

Those are the people who said a private company couldn’t land a rocket on a moving ship.

Those same people think an autonomous electric car is just the most ridiculous thing they have heard of.

You and I both know that the #CRE marketplace is already and will change without us

Is it just because of technology?

“Technology changes behaviour, not the other way around, and it is becoming invisible. Great spaces have a rich, but hidden, digital layer that enlivens them and makes them much more appealing places to be. The technology is allowing us to become more human, with far less restraints than historically. And the big restraint that we no longer want is the Lease. So it will die.” -Antony Slumbers

It’s going to be more than just that.

What can you do to radically change the #CRE marketplace forever?

What can you do to help make it survive?

1. You must create a market so radically different from the one that exists today. Why?

2. You need to create that market so we can keep our competitive edge.

3. Turn that data and marketplace into a transparent market or watch it implode on itself.

4. Embrace (AI) (BlockChain) and (DAO) or understand how you will be replaced because of it.

Is that Post Apocalyptic enough for you?

Where do you fit in?

How can you help?

Don’t worry.

Watch this site in the next weeks.

There is so much more to come and yes I give you the answers.

The Post Apocalyptic #CRE Marketplace. What If We Don’t?


+1 DAO

+1+1 Neural Lace.

Duke Long

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