The Online Search Battle For Commercial Real Estate. It’s Not What You Think It Is.

The Online Search battle For Commercial Real Estate. It’s Not What You Think It Is.

Not Even Close.

I know that you are assuming that I would launch right into all of the “supposed” national or well-known commercial real estate search platforms.

Rip them apart. Tell everybody why they suck. What they are doing wrong and how to fix them.

Which……I probably could. But…that’s for another day…or maybe not. ( Tooooo Boring.)

Let’s get everybody into the pool.

The battle for online commercial real estate search is not just between a few broker facing bellybutton looking platforms.


It’s simple. Let’s take a look at a simple Google search for…

350 Fifth Avenue New York ,New York

Poof up comes the first page of Google and what do we see?

350 fifth avenue New York


The Empire State Building.


Virtual Office Address.




Honest Buildings. Personal Woo Hoo!

Find Hotels Near Address.  Which is a russian american website. (Go Figure.)

I know this may be a little hard to figure out but guess what? It is the address for The Empire State Building in New York!

Drill Down.

Now let’s get serious here for a minute. Take a look at the first link that comes up in the search. I said look!

It’s the address of the property.  Take 5 minutes to ponder this. Please take 5 more minutes.

If I have written opined ranted or flat-out screamed about anything in commercial real estate this may be the most important thing…EVER.

It’s how a property will be found and defined online now and forever. (Bold statement I know.)

Guess who has already figured that out? Almost everyone but the people in commercial real estate.

Walgreens has. Foursquare has.  Mapquest has. Hell a russian american website has!

Ok Ok  I will give some cred to Loopnet. They have been on the address search train forever.

Search some other random property by address. Loopnet will come up. Go ahead I dare you!

A special Hell Yea to Honest Buildings who are just quietly kicking some ass.( Riggs how much more love can a man give and not get a beer?)

So What.

So What? You have got to be kidding me. So a few different website links show up. Nobody pays attention to those things anyway.

Well Google does and so does everyone else specifically everyone who searches for commercial real estate.

We shall now learn from our residential friends.

Go to Google and type in your home address. I did mine and no I am not giving out my home address. There is transparency and then there is transparency.

So what comes up on the first page of Google for my house. (Keller Williams)


Basically all third party service providers of residential real estate tied directly to my personal home address.

Now just for fun go type in some of you or your firms commercial listings by address.

What happens….I know what happens. Loopnet shows up somewhere. Cityfeet (Co-Star) shows up somewhere. Most likely a firm or business that occupies the building and Mapquest also shows up in the mix somewhere.

Guess who doesn’t show up anywhere………anywhere at all. You guessed it!



Or any other broker or firm for that matter!

So….the way that people will now and mostly forever search online for commercial property is by the address of a property and we in commercial real estate??????

See no point.

Have not figured out how to use a computer.

Think SEO is a new stat the golf channel came up with to track Tiger.

Assume the new junior hire is on it.

Know for sure the company “tech guy” knows what that is.

Only focus on relationships! (Company Mantra)

Wish Duke Long would shut the hell up.

Could care a less.

Wish this internet thing would go away.

To quote the guy behind me in Palm Springs ” I know people are into this stuff but it is a waste of my time.”

The Online Search Battle For Commercial Real Estate. It’s Not What You Think It Is.

Comment opinions and points of view are always appreciated.


Duke Long